Vacant Throne: Fall Of The Feathered King-2012.

Vacant Throne:Power Metal from United States.


Fall of the Feathered KingFull-length2012


Reginald HandyBass (2010-?)
See also: Ghost Wolf
Josh MortensenGuitars (lead) (2010-?)
See also: Crafteon
Jason MortensenVocals (2010-?)
Christian MauroGuitars (rhythm) (2011-?)
Frank CandelarioDrums (2012-?)
See also: CrafteonScepter of Eligos

Past Members:

John DeasyDrums (2010-2011)
Ryan BurbankGuitars (lead) (2010-2011)
Chris FernaldGuitars (lead) (2012-?)
See also: Frost Thane

One thought on “Vacant Throne: Fall Of The Feathered King-2012.

  1. Immortally_Insane, August 14th, 2012

    Overall, this new album features well written story-like lyrics, written from the Aztec’s point of view during the Spanish conquest. The songs cover everything from their mighty warriors, to the bloody rituals practiced, and then ultimately the destruction of the Aztecs. There is an all-around feeling of strength, yet struggle, throughout the album. Vacant Throne really wrote the lyrics perfectly to make you feel like you are there fighting back with the Aztecs. (There were moments writing this review that I actually got so side-tracked by picturing these songs that I couldn’t quite focus on what I wanted to say! Definitely not background music, that’s for sure.)

    The guitars are absolutely spot-on throughout the entire album, with well composed melodies and beautifully written solos gracing every song perfectly but not overpowering anything else. I was genuinely impressed with the quality of writing put into each and every solo piece. The bass guitar is prominent in the recording and I absolutely applaud the bassist. More bands need to understand the importance of a bass because it really does help drive the rhythm of the song in ways that the drums and guitar can’t. It definitely adds a beautiful layer to the atmosphere of the album. The drums are spot on and recorded well. There were a few moments in the recording where it sounded a little bit muddy, and the drums somewhat drowned out the rest of the music, but overall great, driving drums, that are most definitely important to set that driving, galloping pace commonly found in power metal.

    On that note, I’d really like to say I was truly impressed with this album. It opens up with such a strong passion and it doesn’t let you go. It’s so deliciously raw and sounds like a classic 1980’s power metal album. I typically don’t compare bands to other bands but listening to this album, as it is my first time really hearing these guys when they aren’t on a stage, I feel this comparison fits VERY well. I would compare this album to Helloween’s Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1. Of course I’m not making the comparison in content, but in overall tone, vocal style, and musicianship, I really hear a lot of that album in it. Jason is a young man, with such a great voice for power metal. I hear a lot of Michael Kiske-esque sound in his style, it’s very raw and strong, and the power metal scene needs that one great, versatile voice around again.

    Genocide is my favorite track from the album and I feel it is noteworthy. Genocide is about the final destruction that the Aztecs face by the hands of the Spanish and really is a fantastic song. The intro simply put, kicks ass. It’s so eerie, but then out of nowhere comes this beautiful falsetto of layered voices that took my breath away. That alone was my favorite point of the album. If you are a fan of classic heavy metal, or classic power metal, keep your eyes out for Vacant Throne.

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