Adventus: Morir Y Renacer-2021.

Adventus:Melodic Heavy Power Metal from Spain.


Más fuerte que el dolorSingle2020 
Morir y renacerFull-length2021


Luis MeleroBass (2020-present)
See also: ex-Sauze (live), ex-Crudo, ex-Fe de Ratas, ex-Lazarus, ex-Los Débiles
Alberto ArdinesDrums (2020-present)
See also: Nexxo, ex-Sauze, ex-Victoria, ex-Avalanch, ex-Edén, ex-Last Days of Eden, ex-WarCry, ex-Speed Demons
Fernando MonGuitars (2020-present)
See also: ex-Sauze, ex-Avalanch, ex-WarCry
Manuel RamilKeyboards (2020-present)
See also: AvalanchMägo de Oz, ex-Sauze, Alderaan, ex-WarCry, ex-Torquemada
Víctor GarcíaVocals (lead) (2020-present)
See also: WarCry, ex-Avalanch

One thought on “Adventus: Morir Y Renacer-2021.

  1. Debut of the new musical project led by the Galician Manuel Ramil ( Sauze , Avalanch , ex -Warcry ), in this case accompanied by old glories of Asturian Heavy Metal, musicians with whom the Ares keyboardist had already worked side by side in the past I’m talking about the great Fernando Mon on guitars, Alberto Ardines on drums and the mythical Víctor García on microphones.

    In this case, Ramil recovers his most classic sound, away from the musical innovation that he developed together with Sauze .back in 2008 and 2009, now with a style much closer to the more traditional Power/Heavy Metal, obviously with painstaking care in all the arrangements, keyboards, synthesizers and pianos, but always oriented towards the most intense part at the same time what a melodic scene.

    Morir y Renacer has been conceived entirely from the Galician’s musical perspective, with Manuel himself being in charge of directing all the production, recording and mixing at his Tercera Planta Estudios in his hometown, also taking care of all the composition, as I said, leaving aside its more eclectic side, this time focusing the shots on a more direct sound, with the melody as the main attraction.

    All the keyboard work is to frame, leading all the instrumentation, with a lot of weight in the mix and especially decisive in all the harmony and in the development of the arrangements. We are facing songs a priori without great complications, very oriented towards the vocal work of Víctor, with the melody in the center of the target, but always subtly cared for from the point of view of the arrangements, with the keyboards playing an absolutely leading role.

    The album is heard in a very dynamic way, with all the songs working competently and very effectively, as I said, with all the vocal lines specially taken care of, the same, of course, as all the keyboards and synthesizer arrangements. In this sense I would like to name songs like “Dame Una Razón”, “Agua En El Desierto” or “Just One More”, with a more direct profile, closer to the most classic Power Metal, “Where Diga El Corazón” , “A Corazón Abierto” or “Pudo Ser Mejor”, in this case somewhat more complex in terms of sound development, more convoluted in its harmonies, cadences and melodic lines, without forgetting, at least for me, the best moment of the album , the ballad “Parte De Tu Vida”, an exquisite cut,

    Little more, very interesting work, very melodic and very easy to listen to. Manuel crowning himself as the great artist who is, without a doubt, one of the best musicians in the country, Fernando Mon recovering his reign on guitars, the great cover of Asturian Heavy Metal, a silent, humble and discreet guy, with an exquisite technique in his fingers, Ardines more than fulfilling his mission on drums and Víctor García taking a break, de-stressing musically speaking and again under the direction of a real musician, which, obviously, is when he shines the most.

    Well done guys, well done…
    By shemshuor
    Jan 21-2021.


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