Scraper: Hunger Within-2020.

Scraper:Thrash Metal from Germany.


Hunger WithinFull-length2020


Simon RoyalBass
See also: Jitterbug, ex-Infernal Curse, Alea, ex-Cerebral Invasion
Tobias WimmerGuitars
See also: ex-Contagious
Carsten DavidVocals
See also: ex-Senseless Remain
Ralf SchoenbergDrums (2021-present)
See also: ex-Eternal Dirge

Past Members:

Daniel RothDrums (?-2021)
See also: Transnight, ex-Soil of Decay

One thought on “Scraper: Hunger Within-2020.

  1. Scraper – Hunger Within
    Edmund Sackbauer, December 7th, 2020
    Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Independent

    When I stumbled upon the NRW based band Scraper my expectation was to get a pretty nice slab of standard Teutonic thrash, and to a certain degree this has been the case. This pretty newish outfit share a lot of the attributes that one might associate with classic thrash from Germany, as their music is hitting like a battle hammer, while always keeping an eye on incorporating enough hooks to keep the listener interested. Their debut full length “Hunger Within” has more to offer though, and while a pretty simplistic affair on the surface there are enough twists and turns to set them apart from their peers.

    The riffing is pretty traditional and straight in your face for the most part, but there are great moments on each track, dedicated to the flow of the lead harmonies which take full advantage of the spotlight to deliver enthralling melodies. Opener “Incarcerate” channels one such lead theme, which swirls and burns in the background, offering kind of a hypnotical presence, crawling under the listener’s skin while the crunchy chops and the blast attacks provide a heavy basement. Some of the tracks come equipped with a heavy groove, while others lurch and crawl like irradiated mutants.

    The songwriting here is quite diversified, blurring the lines between a pretty much straightforward stylistic template and some quirky, more progressive mechanics in places. When things fully kick in, the thrashing assault that commences is of a frenetic nature, recalling the fierce extreme bite of old Kreator and Destruction and a more technically involved riffing approach reminiscent of Heathen and other US greats. While there is quite a bit of impressive soloing work going on and some rhythm and tempo changes have been thrown in for good measure things never get too overwhelming, with Scraper making sure to always keep a certain groove. The drumming is precise, offering some great patterns and throwing in fills and double kick attacks when needed.

    The vocals are also very strong, with singer Carsten offering a brutal and slightly growly tone. This approach highlights the melodic death metal nuances, which are sometimes present in the music as well. While I am also a fan of more high pitched vocals when it comes to traditional thrash metal Carsten’s gruffer delivery perfectly suits the instrumentation. Of course there are some better songs and some more average ones, but when everything falls perfectly in place like e.g. in “Night of the Demons” Scraper deliver a hefty and convincing package.

    The production is more or less flawless. The guitars are very crunchy and sound extremely sharp, and the rhythm section packs a hefty punch. Every single note and each detail is perfectly audible, making “Hunger Within” a joy to listen to from start to finish. The artwork is also nice, rounding off a polished end product. I am deeply impressed by what Scraper have been able to produce, all on their own, without a major label backing them up.


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