Björn Strid: Singers and Works.

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  1. Discography:


    Studio albums:

    Steelbath Suicide (1998)
    The Chainheart Machine (2000)
    A Predator’s Portrait (2001)
    Natural Born Chaos (2002)
    Figure Number Five (2003)
    Stabbing the Drama (2005)
    Sworn to a Great Divide (2007)
    The Panic Broadcast (2010)
    The Living Infinite (2013)
    The Ride Majestic (2015)
    Death Resonance (2016)
    Verkligheten (2019)

    The Night Flight Orchestra:

    Studio albums:

    Internal Affairs (2012)
    Skyline Whispers (2015)
    Amber Galactic (2017)
    Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough (2018)
    Aeromantic (2020)
    Aeromantic II (2021)

    Guest appearances:

    Strid has provided vocals for the following artists:

    Construcdead “Bitter End” Violadead 2003
    Destruction “The Alliance of Hellhoundz” Inventor of Evil 2005
    Mercenary “Redefine Me” The Hours That Remain 2006
    Zero Tolerance “Prime Time Mind Surgery” Prime Time Mind Surgery 2006
    Nuclear Blast Records “The Dawn of All” Nuclear Blast All-Stars: Out of the Dark 2007
    Demon Hunter “Collapsing” The World Is a Thorn 2010
    Howitzer “245” In Our Name
    Kamelot “The Great Pandemonium” Poetry for the Poisoned
    ReVamp “In Sickness ’till Death Do Us Part: Disdain” ReVamp
    Scarpoint “Open Your Eyes” Open Your Eyes (single)
    Shadowside “Inner Monster Out” Inner Monster Out 2011
    Fall “From Ashes” Fall (EP) 2012
    Beyond All Recognition “Brace Yourself” Drop = Dead
    Blinded in Bliss “The Idea of Poverty” Constancy
    I Legion “Signs from Above” Beyond Darkness
    “Beyond Darkness”
    “Despite Your Grace”
    “Love Is a Battlefield”
    Motionless in White “Puppets 2: The Rain” Infamous
    Sarah Jezebel Deva “Lies Define Us” Malediction (EP)
    The Polygon “Fatality” Stained Anger (EP) 2013
    “Stained Anger”
    “Lifeless Clone”
    “Futuristic Landscape”
    Bewized “Heart Bled Dry” Undead Legacy
    Aspherium “Landfall” The Fall of Therenia 2014
    Endast “Ocean of Regrets” Thrive
    I Killed the Prom Queen “Calvert Street” Beloved
    Mellevon “The Quiet Light” Solace
    The Moor “The Castaway” The Castaway (single)
    Sonic Syndicate “Before You Finally Break” Sonic Syndicate
    Caelestia “Blessing of Tragedy” Beneath Abyss 2015
    Dawn of Destiny “Burn in the Fire” To Hell
    Dormin “Liar (Urban Hideout)” To Foreign Skies
    Earthside “Crater” A Dream In Static
    I Legion “Sirens” Pleiona
    Terror 2000:
    Slaughterhouse Supremacy – 2000
    Faster Disaster – 2002
    Slaughter in Japan (álbum en vivo) – 2003
    Terror For Sale – 2005
    Forces United:
    Forces United – VI (invitado en el tema 2) (acreditado como “Бьерн “Спид” Стрид”) – 2017
    VII (invitado en el tema 9) (acreditado como “Björn “Speed” Strid”) – 2018
    Gold (invitado en el tema 7 del disco 2) – 2020

    Disarmonia Mundi:
    Fragments of D-Generation – 2004
    Mind Tricks – 2006
    The Isolation Game – 2009
    Phear “Delusions” Insanitarium
    Plaguestorm “Synthetic Life” Everything’s Gone Wrong (EP)
    Rifftera “Rotten to the Core” Pitch Black
    Scarnival “Watch Me” The Art of Suffering
    Silenmara “By Methods” Methods
    T.A.N.K “Blood Relation” Symbiosis
    Undawn “Never Giving Up” Justice Is…
    Eths “HAR1” Ankaa 2016
    Xaon “Discrowned” Face of Balaam (EP)
    Allegaeon “Proponent for Sentience III – The Extermination” Proponent for Sentience
    Thrown into Exile “Song for the Lost” Safe Inside
    Xandria “We Are Murderers (We All)” Theater of Dimensions 2017
    Drops of Heart “Starlight” В Сиянии Звезд
    Inviolate “Sisyphus” The Insomniac’s Dream
    Noel Husser “Tell Me Who I Am” Tell Me Who I Am
    Jotnar “Broken Esteem” Connected/Condemned
    Eshtadur “Burning Heart (Survivor Tribute)” Mother Gray
    Silent Descent “Vortex” Turn to Grey
    Omethi “One with the Storm” Drown in Sacred Waterfalls 2018
    “I Bid Farewell”
    “Walk This Earth”
    “Grand Illusion”
    “My Last Chance”
    “Only for Tonight”
    “Dwelling on a Distant Past”
    “Like a Slave”
    “Well of Pain”
    “Drown in Sacred Waterfalls”
    “End of the Line”
    Tragedy of Mine “Built to Resist” Tenebris
    Hespera “Solace in Solitude” In Absence
    “Miles Away”
    “Remnants of Existence”
    “In Absence”
    Tarja “Dead Promises” In the Raw 2019
    Obsydians “Psychodynamics” 2020
    Divided “Meteorite” Behind Your Neon Eyes (album) 2020
    Act Of Denial “Puzzle Heart”

    “Down That Line”

    Negative 2021
    Powerwolf “Killers with the Cross” Call of the Wild 2021
    Enigmatic Entrance “Cold as the Night” Becoming Daylight2021

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