Alexi Lahio (1979-2020): Singers and Works.

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  1. Discography:
    Children Of Bodom:

    1997: Something Wild
    1999: Hatebreeder
    1999: Tokyo Warhearts
    2000: Follow the Reaper
    2003: Deathroll by Hate Crew
    2005: Are You Dead Already?
    2008: Drunk on Blood
    2009: Skeletons in the Closet
    2011: Relentless Reckless Forever
    2013: Blood Halo
    2015: I love chaos
    2019: Hexed

    1999: Watch the Skies
    2000: To Hell and Back
    2002: Suicide by my side
    Village Crazy:

    2004: Emperor’s Choice (EP)
    2005: Shut Up
    2007: More Ass to the Clothed Heads (EP)
    2007: Anal in Education
    Impaled Nazarene:

    2000: Nihil

    2005: Accept the Fact
    2009: Japanese Hospitality
    2014: First of the Five Elements
    Inearthed (Demos):

    1994: Sky Implosion
    1995: ubiquitous non-remission
    1996: Brilliant
    Bodom after midnight:

    2021: Paint the sky with blood (EP)
    Guest Appearances:

    1999: All Eternity – To/Die/For (“In the Heat of the Night”)
    2003: Norther – Dreams of Endless War [guitarras en la portada de “Youth Gone Wild”]
    2003: Sin restricciones – Griffin (“The Sentence”, “Bleed”)
    2003: Norther – Mirror of Madness [coros en “Dead”, “Everything Is An End”, “Mirror Of Madness”]
    2003: Klamydia – Seokset (guitar and vocals on “Latomeri”)
    2005: Lauri Porra – Lauri Porra (“Solutions”)
    2006: A Heavier Christmas (Varios Artistas) – [Solo de Guitarra en “Petteri Punakuono (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)”]
    2006: Arrhythmia – Blessing of the Seven Deaths [Solo de Guitarra en “The Angel of Death on Wheels”]
    2006: Stoner Kings – Fuck the World [solo de guitarra en “Mantric Madness”] (2006)
    2007: Guitar Heroes album – [all guitars and bass on the song “Sioux City Sarsaparilla”, and guitar solo on “12 Donkeys”]
    2007: Godsplague – H8 [solo de guitarra en “Don’t Come Back”; coros en “H8”]
    2007: Pain – Psalms of Extinction [solo de guitarra en “Just Think Again”]
    2007: Annihilator – Metal [guitar solo duel with Jeff Waters on “Downright Dominate”]
    2008: Megadeth Live – Peace Sells [Giantour 08 Live Background Voices]
    2009: Convoy – The Shift [Solo de Guitarra en “Savior”]
    2011: Root (Live) [Additional Guitar] – Adrenaline – Deftones
    2013: Chlamydia – Dear Crazy
    2013: Spirit in the Room – The Killing Moon
    2014: Marty Friedman – Lycanthrope (with Danko Jones)
    2015: Various Artists – The Immortal Randy Rhoads – “Mr. Crowley”
    2019: Wednesday the 13th – Necrophaze – “Animal”
    2019: Stoner Kings – Alpha Male – “Down to Zero”
    2020: Pyhimys – MIKKO – “Fuck The World”

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