Reaper’s Revenge: Versus-2021.

Reaper’s Revenge: Heavy Metal from Germany.


Wall of Fear and DarknessFull-length2014 
Virtual ImpulseFull-length2018 
Changing WorldSingle2019 
My Fading SilenceSingle2021 


Hermann WeißGuitars
See also: Wanted Inc., ex-Encyclia, ex-Orkyd Orchestra, ex-Tyccoma, ex-Metalaxe
Christopher KnauerGuitars
Christian BöslVocals
See also: ex-Fallacy
Christian OppelBass (2018-present)
Thomas SeiferleinDrums (2019-present)
See also: ex-Sirens, ex-The Vision Bleak (live)

Past Members:

Klaus HegenDrums
See also: ex-Corrosive Mind, ex-Striker, ex-Teeth of Lamb
Stephan HauerDrums (?-2019)
Philipp WeinGuitars
Dominique HoffmannBass (2013-2018)

One thought on “Reaper’s Revenge: Versus-2021.

  1. Reviews

    Autor: Anthalerero (30.09.2021)

    Anyone who wanted to consistently hear good, down-to-earth heavy metal in the Amberg area could count on REAPER’S REVENGE since their debut album in 2014. The five-piece has now arrived at the third album, which is called “Versus” and in the run-up to which the rhythm section was rebuilt – bassist Christian Oppel and drummer Thomas Seiferlein have joined the only remaining founding members, singer Christian Bösl and guitarist Christopher Knauer. The sound of the Ambergers has also evolved over the years, from classic heavy metal to much crisper riffs that are more reminiscent of US power influences and therefore also bring a certain thrashy note.

    This is shown right away in the opener “To Whom Evils Sacrifice”, which immediately presses rich riffs into the listener’s cerebrum and grooves in perfectly to what is to come and thus makes the fronts clear with an extremely official solo. There is no watery sound with REAPER’S REVENGE, the production gives enough boost to the speakers, even in the basement, that one is only too happy to be buried under the robust riff towers, often performed in a rich twin lead.

    The fact that the Ambergers act a good deal harder than before can be seen in aggressive titles like “Warheads”, which not only has decent lyrics, but also convinces with a relaxed groove. But not only powerful titles, like the expansive “Scary Neighborhood”, in which singer Christian Bösl unleashes a couple of extremely fine screams, while the guitarists duel as if there were no tomorrow, make people talk about themselves emphatically, also the epic, a bit of a balladesque twist, as in “My Fading Silence”, suits the REAPER’S extremely well.

    But the fivesome is in fact at its strongest when the gas pedal is really pushed, as for example in “Phlegmatrix”, which perfectly demonstrates the rough Ami power track with its scratchy guitars as well as with its gripping chorus really has the listener by the balls. All ten songs of REAPER’S REVENGE consistently give reasons to shake one’s beet – from the opener to the powerful bouncer “Gapminder”.

    REAPER’S REVENGE can also convince with their third album “Versus” in its entirety – strong guitar work, a powerful new rhythm section and above that the powerful vocals of singer Bösl, you already have ten new reasons to blow the dust out of the speakers at the end of the day. As a friend of hard guitar sounds, the fact that the Ambergers act a good bit harder and more demanding than on the predecessor “Virtual Impulse” can only be appreciated, especially since the songwriting is also coherent, the songs get straight to the point, but at the same time still come along playfully enough that there is no boredom. Once again the following applies to REAPER’S REVENGE: Get in your robe and shake your beets!


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