Chemical Annihilation: Resurrection-2022.

Chemical Annihilation:Thrash Metal from United States.


Why Die?Demo1989 
Why Die?Compilation2009


Jeff VanceGuitars (1988-1990), Bass (2021-present)
Mike PfauVocals, Drums (1988-1990, 2017-present)
Paul NichollsGuitars (2017-present)
See also: ArachnidSpawn, ex-BodyBag, ex-Distortion Course
Tobe AndersonGuitars (2017-present)

Past Members:

Kris MerkelBass (1988-1990)
Darren HankeGuitars (1988-1989)
Ryan McFarrenGuitars (1989-1990)
Bill BrewerBass (2017-2021)
See also: Arachnid, ex-Bad Habbit

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