Jørn Lande-Singers and Works.

One thought on “Jørn Lande-Singers and Works.

  1. Discography:
    Solo Albums
    Audience ratings on Allmusic :
    Year Qualification label Guy Qualification
    2000 star fire Frontiers Studio 2.5/5 estrellas
    2001 world changer Frontiers Studio N/A
    2004 Out to Every Nation AFM / The End Studio 3.5/5 estrellas
    2006 TheDuke AFM / Candlelight Studio 3.5/5 estrellas
    2007 The Gathering Frontiers greatest hits 4.5/5 estrellas
    2007 Unlocking the Past Avalon / Frontiers cover 2.5/5 estrellas
    2007 Live in America! Frontiers Live N/A
    2008 Lonely Are The Brave Frontiers Studio N/A
    2009 Spirit Black Frontiers Studio N/A
    2010 Jorn-Dio cover
    2013 Jorn-Traveller Frontiers Studio
    2015 Dracula Swing of Death Frontiers Studio
    2017 Life on Death Road Frontiers Studio
    Vagabond (1994)
    A Huge Fan of Life (1995)
    Mundanus Imperium
    The Spectral Spheres Coronation (1998)
    The Snakes
    Eleven Bitten (1998)
    Live in Europe (1998)
    Hourglass (2000)
    Ark (2000)
    Burn The Sun (2001)
    Beyond Twilight
    The Devil’s Hall of Fame (2001)
    Nikola Kotzev
    Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus (2001)
    Brazen Abbot
    Guilty As Sin (2003)
    Enlighten Me (single) (2002)
    Masterplan (2003)
    Back For My Life (EP) (2004)
    Aeronautics (2005)
    Time to be Kings (2010)
    The Battle (2005)
    The Revenge (2007)
    The Showdown (2010)
    The Great Divide (2014)
    Ken Hensley
    Blood On The Highway (2007)
    Lost in Space Part I (2007)
    Lost in Space Part II (2007)
    The Scarecrow (2008)
    Angel of Babylon and The Wicked Symphony (2010)
    Ghostlights (2016)
    Moonglow (2019)
    01011001 (2008)

    Smite and Ignite (2014)
    (II) Grasp of the Undying (2017)
    (III) Lost Chapter (2021)

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