Deep Purple: Turning To Crime-2021.

Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in London in 1968.[1] They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock,[2][3] but their musical approach has changed over the years.[4] Originally formed as a psychedelic rock and progressive rock band, they shifted to a heavier sound with their 1970 album Deep Purple in Rock.[5] Deep Purple, together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, have been referred to as the “unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal in the early to mid- seventies”.[6] They were listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records as “the globe’s loudest band” for a 1972 concert at London’s Rainbow Theatre[7][8] and have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.[9][10][11]

Deep Purple have had several line-up changes and an eight-year hiatus (1976–1984). The 1968–1976 line-ups are commonly labelled Mark I, II, III and IV.[12][13] Their second and most commercially successful line-up consisted of Ian Gillan (vocals) and Roger Glover (bass), who joined founder members Jon Lord (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums) and Ritchie Blackmore (guitar). This line-up was active from 1969 to 1973 and was revived from 1984 to 1989 and again from 1992 to 1993. The band achieved more modest success in the intervening periods between 1968 and 1969 with the line-up including Rod Evans (lead vocals) and Nick Simper (bass, backing vocals), between 1974 and 1976 with the line-up including David Coverdale (lead vocals) and Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals) (and Tommy Bolin replacing Blackmore in 1975), and between 1989 and 1992 with the line-up including Joe Lynn Turner (vocals). The band’s line-up (currently including Ian Gillan, and guitarist Steve Morse from 1994) has been much more stable in recent years, although keyboardist Jon Lord’s retirement from the band in 2002 (being succeeded by Don Airey) left Ian Paice as the last original Deep Purple member still in the band.

Deep Purple was ranked number 22 on VH1‘s Greatest Artists of Hard Rock programme,[14] and a poll on radio station Planet Rock ranked them 5th among the “most influential bands ever”.[15] The band received the Legend Award at the 2008 World Music Awards. Deep Purple (specifically Blackmore, Lord, Paice, Gillan, Glover, Coverdale, Evans, and Hughes) were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.


Shades of Deep PurpleFull-length1968
Kentucky WomanSingle1968 
The Book of TaliesynFull-length1968
I’m So GladSingle1969 
River Deep Mountain HighSingle1969 
Deep PurpleFull-length1969
Concerto for Group and OrchestraLive album1969
Best of Deep PurpleCompilation1970 
Speed KingSingle1970 
Deep Purple in RockFull-length1970
Black NightSingle1970 
Flight of the RatSingle1970 
Child in TimeSingle1970 
Strange Kind of WomanSingle1971 
No No NoSingle1971 
Early PurpleCompilation1972 
The Best of Deep PurpleCompilation1972 
Never BeforeSingle1972 
Machine HeadFull-length1972
Smoke on the WaterSingle1972 
Highway StarSingle1972 
Purple PassagesCompilation1972
Made in JapanLive album1972
Black Night (live)Single1973 
Space Truckin’Single1973 
Super TrouperSingle1973 
Who Do We Think We AreFull-length1973
Woman from TokyoSingle1973 
Mark I & IICompilation1973 
Might Just Take Your LifeSingle1974 
Lady Double DealerSingle1974 
You Can’t Do It RightSingle1974 
Lay Down Stay DownSingle1975 
24 Carat PurpleCompilation1975 
Gettin’ TighterSingle1975 
Come Taste the BandFull-length1975
You Keep On MovingSingle1975 
Made in EuropeLive album1976
The Bird Has FlownSingle1977 
Deep PurpleCompilation1977 
The Mark 2 Purple SinglesCompilation1977 
Last Concert in JapanLive album1977 
Smoke on the Water (live)Single1977 
New Live & RareEP1977 
Black Night (live)EP1978 
The Singles A’s and B’sCompilation1978
New Live & Rare Vol. 2EP1978 
When We Rock, We Rock & When We Roll, We RollCompilation1978 
Child in Time (live)Single1979 
Deep Purple in RockEP1979 
Deep Purple in ConcertLive album1980 
New, Live and RareCompilation1980 
Deepest PurpleCompilation1980
New Live and Rare – Vol. 3EP1980 
California Jam, April 6th 1974Video1981
Deep Purple CollectionCompilation1982 
Live in LondonLive album1982 
Concerto for Group and OrchestraVideo1984 
Knocking at Your Back DoorSingle1984 
Nobody’s HomeSingle1984 
Perfect StrangersSingle1984 
Perfect StrangersFull-length1984
Rises over Japan – Highway StarVideo1985 
Greatest PurpleCompilation1985 
The AnthologyCompilation1985 
Call of the WildSingle1987 
The VideosinglesVideo1987 
The Best of Deep PurpleCompilation1987 
Bad AttitudeSingle1987 
The House of Blue LightFull-length1987
Scandinavian NightsLive album1988 
High Intensity DischargeSplit1988 
Smoke on the WaterCompilation1988 
Nobody’s PerfectLive album1988 
Love Conquers AllSingle1990 
Doing Their ThingVideo1990 
Scandinavian NightsVideo1990 
Smoke on the WaterSplit1990 
Black Night – BestCompilation1990 
King of DreamsSingle1990 
Slaves and MastersFull-length1990
In the Absence of Pink – Knebworth ’85Live album1991 
Heavy Metal PioneersVideo1991 
Knocking at Your Back Door: The Best of Deep Purple in the 80’sCompilation1991 
The Deep Purple AnthologyCompilation1991 
The Gemini Suite liveLive album1993 
Purple RainbowsSplit1993 
I SuccessiCompilation1993 
The Battle Rages On…Full-length1993
Time to KillSingle1993 
Live in JapanLive album1993 
Come Hell or High WaterVideo1994 
Best on Stage 1970-1985Boxed set1994 
Smoke on the Water: The Best Music CollectionSplit1994 
Smoke on the Water (The Best Of)Compilation1994 
Soldier of Fortune: The Greatest HitsCompilation1994 
Come Hell or High WaterLive album1994 
Anyone’s DaughterSingle1994 
On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat – Live in California 1976Live album1995 
Ritchie Blackmore: Best TracksSplit1995 
Child in Time 1984-88Compilation1995 
Ritchie Blackmore ‎- Anthology Vol.1Split1995 
Black NightSingle1995 
Sometimes I Feel like ScreamingSingle1996 
The Turtle Island ShuffleSingle1996 
Best of Ritchie BlackmoreSplit1996 
California JammingLive album1996
MK III – The Final ConcertsLive album1996 
The CollectionCompilation1997 
Live at the Olympia ’96Live album1997
Any Fule Kno ThatSingle1998 
30: Very Best OfCompilation1998 
Smoke on the Water (live ’99)Single1999 
Total Abandon – Australia ’99Video1999 
The Best of Ritchie BlackmoreSplit1999 
Under the GunCompilation1999 
Shades 1968-1998Compilation1999 
Total Abandon – Australia ’99Live album1999 
Australia ’99Single1999 
Deep Purple Greatest HitsCompilation1999 
In Concert with the London Symphony OrchestraLive album1999 
In Concert with the London Symphony OrchestraVideo1999 
Around the World 1995-1999Video2000 
Bombay Calling – Bombay Live ’95Video2000 
New, Live & Rare – The Video Collection 1984-2000Video2000 
1420 Beachwood Drive: The California Rehearsals Pt 2Compilation2000 
Days May Come and Days May Go: The California Rehearsals June 1975Compilation2000 
The Very Best OfCompilation2000 
Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy: 30th October 2000Live album2001
Space Vol 1 & 2Live album2001 
The Bootleg Series 1984-2000Boxed set2001 
The Soundboard SeriesBoxed set2001 
Smoke on the Water (Greatest Hits)Compilation2001 
Very Best Deep Purple Album EverCompilation2001 
In ProfileCompilation2001 
This Time Around – Live in Tokyo 1975Live album2001 
Inglewood – Live in CaliforniaLive album2002 
Live in Denmark ’72Live album2002 
Singles Collection 68/76Boxed set2002 
20th Century Masters: The Best of Deep PurpleCompilation2002 
Listen, Learn, Read OnBoxed set2002 
Classic Albums: Machine HeadVideo2002
Kneel & PrayLive album2003 
Winning CombinationsSplit2003 
Purple Hits – The Best of Deep PurpleCompilation2003 
The EssentialCompilation2003 
Deep Purple and Friends: Purple and Other ColoursCompilation2003 
Live in Paris 1975: La dernière séanceLive album2003
New Live & Rare – Volume TwoLive album2003 
The Early YearsCompilation2004 
Live on the BBCLive album2004 
The Best & LiveCompilation2004 
Perks and TitLive album2004 
Live EncountersLive album2004 
The Family & Friends AlbumsCompilation2004 
Speed King – The Fastest TracksCompilation2005 
Deep Purple Forever – The Very Best of Deep PurpleCompilation2005
The Platinum CollectionCompilation2005 
The Ultra SelectionCompilation2005 
Rhino Hi-Five: Deep PurpleCompilation2005 
Rapture of the DeepFull-length2005
The CollectionCompilation2006 
Live in Europe 1993Boxed set2006 
Highway StarsCompilation2006 
Live at Montreux 1996Live album2006 
Live at Montreux 1996Video2006 
Live in Stuttgart 1993Live album2007 
NEC 1993Live album2007 
Live at Montreux 2006Live album2007 
Live at Montreux 2006Video2007 
Around the World LiveVideo2008 
More Purple Hits: The Best of Deep PurpleCompilation2008 
Greatest HitsCompilation2008 
Introducing: Deep PurpleCompilation2009 
History, Hits & Highlights ’68-’76Video2009 
Space Truckin Round the World LiveLive album2009 
The CollectionCompilation2011 
The Deep Purple CollectionCompilation2011 
Hush / Speed KingSingle2011 
Phoenix RisingLive album2011 
Original Album ClassicsBoxed set2011 
Live at Montreux 2011Live album2011 
The BBC Sessions 1968-1970Live album2011 
Live at Montreux 2011Video2011
Fireball / Who Do We Think We AreBoxed set2012 
In Concert ’72Live album2012 
All the Time in the WorldSingle2013 
Highway StarSplit2013
Now What?!Full-length2013
First Sign of MadnessSingle2013 
Vincent PriceSingle2013 
Perfect Strangers LiveLive album2013 
The Complete Albums 1970-1976Boxed set2013 
Above and BeyondSingle2013 
The Audio Fidelity CollectionBoxed set2013 
The Now What?! Live TapesLive album2013 
Hard Road: The Mark 1 Studio Recordings 1968-69Boxed set2014 
Graz 1975Live album2014 
Celebrating Jon LordVideo2014 
Live in VeronaVideo2014 
The Triple Album CollectionBoxed set2015 
Long Beach 1971Live album2015 
Out of HandSingle2015 
Rapture of the Deep / Now What?! / The Now What?! Live TapesBoxed set2015 
…to the Rising Sun (In Tokyo)Live album2015 
From the Setting Sun… (In Wacken)Live album2015 
The Vinyl CollectionBoxed set2016 
Live at the NECVideo2016 
Time for BedlamSingle2017 
All I Got Is YouSingle2017 
Johnny’s BandSingle2017 
From the Setting Sun (In Wacken) … To the Rising Sun (In Tokyo)Live album2017 
Classic Songs Live in ConcertLive album2017 
The Infinite Live Recordings, Vol. 1Live album2017 
A Fire in the SkyCompilation2017
From Here to Infinite – The MovieVideo2017 
Live in Newcastle 2001Live album2019 
Live in Rome 2013Live album2019 
Man AliveSingle2020 
Throw My BonesEP2020 
7 and 7 IsSingle2021 
Oh WellSingle2021 
Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie FluSingle2021 
Turning to CrimeFull-length2021


Ian PaiceDrums, Percussion (1968-1976, 1984-present)
See also: ex-Gary Moore, ex-Green Bullfrog, ex-Paice, Ashton & Lord, ex-Roundabout, ex-The Maze, ex-The MI 5, ex-The Shindigs, ex-Whitesnake
Roger GloverBass, Vocals (1969-1973, 1984-present)
See also: Roger Glover, ex-Rainbow, ex-David Coverdale Band, ex-Episode Six, ex-Gillan & Glover, ex-Marlon
Ian GillanVocals (1969-1973, 1984-1989, 1993-present)
See also: ex-WhoCares, Ian Gillan, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Episode Six, ex-Garth Rockett and the Moonshiners, ex-Gillan, ex-Gillan & Glover, ex-Ian Gillan Band, ex-The Javelins
Steve MorseGuitars, Vocals (1994-present)
See also: Angelfire, Dixie Dregs, Flying Colors, Steve Morse Band, ex-Kansas, ex-Living Loud
Don AireyKeyboards, Organ (2002-present)
See also: Don Airey, ex-Empire, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rainbow, ex-The Cage, ex-Dario Mollo’s Crossbones (live), ex-Air Pavilion, ex-Andrew Lloyd Webber, ex-Colosseum II, ex-Cozy Powell, ex-Gary Moore, ex-Hammer, ex-Jethro Tull, ex-Living Loud, ex-Michael Schenker Group, ex-Quatermass, ex-Silver, ex-Strawbs, ex-Ten, ex-The Company of Snakes, ex-Wishbone Ash, ex-Graham Bonnet (live), ex-Micky Moody (live), ex-The Snakes (live), ex-Uli Jon Roth (live), ex-Uriah Heep (live)

Past Members:

Nick SimperBass, Vocals (1968-1969)
See also: ex-Buddy Britten & the Regents, ex-Flying Fox, ex-Johnny Kidd & The New Pirates, ex-Marsha Hunt Band, ex-Nick Simper’s Fandango, ex-Quatermass II, ex-Roundabout, ex-Simon Raven Cult, ex-Some Other Guys, ex-The Delta Five, ex-The Good Old Boys, ex-The Renegades, ex-Warhorse, ex-The Flower Pot Men (live)
Ritchie BlackmoreGuitars (1968-1975, 1984-1993)
See also: Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night, Candice Night, ex-Bobbie and the Dominators, ex-Green Bullfrog, ex-Lord Caesar Sutch & the Roman Empire, ex-Neil Christian & the Crusaders, ex-Roundabout, ex-Screaming Lord Sutch, ex-The Outlaws, ex-The Trip
Jon LordKeyboards, Organ (1968-1976, 1984-2002)
(R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-WhoCares, ex-Ashton & Lord, ex-Jon Lord, ex-Paice, Ashton & Lord, ex-Roundabout, ex-St Valentine’s Day Massacre, ex-The Art Wood Combo, ex-The Artwoods, ex-The Hoochie Coochie Men, ex-Whitesnake, ex-The Flower Pot Men (live)
Rod EvansVocals (1968-1969)
See also: ex-Captain Beyond, ex-Deep Purple (Bogus), ex-Roundabout, ex-The Maze, ex-The MI 5
Glenn HughesBass, Vocals (1973-1976)
See also: Voodoo Hill, Black Country Communion, Glenn Hughes, The Dead Daisies, ex-Iommi, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Heaven & Hell (live), ex-Brazen Abbot, ex-California Breed, ex-Finders Keepers, ex-Gary Moore, ex-Hughes Turner Project, ex-Hughes/Thrall, ex-Kings of Chaos, ex-L.A. Blues Authority, ex-Michael Men Project Made in Moscow, ex-Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus, ex-Trapeze, ex-Hank Davison (live), ex-Ken Hensley (live)
David CoverdaleVocals (1973-1976)
See also: Whitesnake, ex-Coverdale and Page, ex-David Coverdale, ex-Fabulosa Brothers, ex-The Government
Tommy BolinGuitars, Vocals (1975-1976)
(R.I.P. 1976) See also: ex-Alphonse Mouzon, ex-Billy Cobham, ex-Energy, ex-James Gang, ex-Moxy, ex-Patch of Blue, ex-Tommy Bolin, ex-Zephyr
Joe Lynn TurnerVocals (1989-1992)
See also: Ахат (live), Joe Lynn Turner, Rated X, ex-Cem Köksal, ex-Rainbow, ex-Sunstorm, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Eridan (live), ex-Walter Giardino Temple (live), ex-Brazen Abbot, ex-Fandango, ex-Hughes Turner Project, ex-Legacy X, ex-Michael Men Project Made in Moscow, ex-Mother’s Army, ex-Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus

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