Wastëland Riders: Death Arrives-2018.

Wastëland Riders: Black Speed Metal from Spain.


Speed Rock & RollEP2016
The Evil Rides the WastëlandSplit2017 
Death ArrivesFull-length2018
Speed Motörized BastardsSplit2018
Base Record Production Fest ISplit2018 
Wasteland Riders / HellfireSplit2019 
French AssaultLive album2021


JaviDrums (2015-?)
See also: The Ghoul, ex-Skull Bastards
DiegoGuitars, Vocals (2015-?)
Diego PizarroVocals, Bass (2015-?)
See also: Roar, ex-Nigromante (live), ex-Visions
FranGuitars (2019-?)
See also: Lurking EvilThe GhoulVaultrustVomitando Bilis, ex-Skull Bastards

Past Members:

LakaGuitars (2015-2019)

One thought on “Wastëland Riders: Death Arrives-2018.

  1. gasmask_colostomy, December 4th, 2019

    Motörhead have a lot to answer for, and I don’t just mean all of the illegitimate children that Uncle Lemmy probably has drifting around. No, I’m talking about copycat bands, since Motörhead really started a trend for bands who think it’s okay to have all the same tropes in every song. In the case of Wastëland Riders, their preoccupation is for the groups that followed Motörhead and Venom out of the ‘80s and into the current decade – the Midnights and Hellrippers of this world. However, on sole full-length Death Arrives, these Spanish motorbike lovers didn’t add so much of the blackened strain of speed metal to their sound, but went mostly for the simpler rock ‘n’ roll style.

    As a result, we do get speed, though less than your Whipstrikers and Hellrippers deal in. Most of the time, the guitar tone and riffing style employed sounds a tiny bit too nice for the throaty gurgle of motorbikes (see the opening tyre screeching sample of ‘Speed’ and the rather lame riff that follows), while the vocals approach a genuine crossover with black metal. When songs such as ‘Ritual of Death’ and the title track begin to crank up the speed and heaviness, I get vibes of groups like Condor and Witchery, though without the technical chops of the former or the dangerous unpredictable songwriting of the latter. To put it more simply, Death Arrives plays it straight most of the time and still plays it pretty straight when changing things up.

    All that means that no one really needs to listen to Wastëland Riders, although anyone who does will understandably have fun while doing so. I find the guitar solos in more rambunctious songs like ‘Whisky Time and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ some of the finest moments of the release, dispelling any boredom that might build up as the band go through some of their more generic riffs. That said, despite the fun being constant, it doesn’t come across that strongly all the time, leaving even a short 32 minute album feeling comfortable as it gets towards its end. That’s not a good sign and sums up the main issue with Death Arrives – that everything is extremely passable yet also passé. With plenty of bands doing this style right now, Wastëland Riders are not more than second tier.


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