Sommo Inquisitore: Anno Mille-2021.

Sommo Inquisitore:Epic Heavy Metal from Italy.


Anno MilleFull-length2021


Piero ArioniDrums (2021-present)
See also: Exiled on EarthRosae CrucisTIR
Andrea MatteiGuitars, Bass, Keyboards (2021-present)
Sommo InquisitoreVocals (2021-present)
See also: Rosae CrucisTIR

One thought on “Sommo Inquisitore: Anno Mille-2021.

  1. Empyreal, June 20th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent.

    Every so often you do actually run across something unique in heavy metal. Sommo Inquisitore is a new act from Italy that plays some seriously idiosyncratic stuff. The riff-base is somewhat akin to classic “weird” metal acts like old Slough Feg or even stuff like Root and early Master’s Hammer – just quirky riff patterns, chunky heaviness. The riffs chug and gallop along and the band has a real feel for making these catchy, heavy riffs flow throughout the album.

    Vocally is where it gets really weird – you could compare this guy to the Rammstein singer maybe, as he has a similar deep, throaty holler and just as often chants and shouts rather than sings. But even that’s not a dead-on comparison – dude’s got his own thing going. He sings everything in Italian and, from what I can tell, these are songs about old medieval torture and shit like that. Listening to this stuff, you want to take a tour of some dank old catacomb with skeletons still shackled to the walls, torches burning, all the good stuff. The vocalist is really integral to this sound – it’s a startling, urgent performance and makes everything else stand out by proximity to it. A more regular singer just wouldn’t be the same.

    The songs are all consistent as fuck. The opening trifecta of the title track, “Pestilentia” and “Torquemada” is all burly, galloping strides of riff-work, just rocking shit. “Malleus Maleficarum” has a theatrical air, giving the album some space and atmosphere, and “La Danza delle Streghe” opens up with some violins and stuff and then launches into maybe the album’s most propulsive and colorful track. Closer “Tortura” then boasts the album’s gnarliest riff – this one’s probably the closest thing to Root’s Temple in the Underworld I’ve heard since that fucking album.

    For fans of weird, individual, occultist metal Sommo Inquisitore’s got to be a buy. Breezy, unique and powerfully creative stuff. Go get it.


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