Kvaen: The Great Below-2022.

Kvaen:Black Viking Pagan Metal from Sweden.


The Funeral PyreFull-length2020
Kvaen / Mother of AllSplit2021 
The Great BelowFull-length2022


Jakob BjörnfotEverything
See also: Autumn DeathDevil’s Force (live), Ghost Ship Octavius (live), Trident (live), ex-The Duskfal


Band members
Jakob BjörnfotEverything
Nephente FridellVocals (additional) (track 3)
Mike WeadGuitar solo (track 4)
Rasmus RovaAccordion, Vocals (additional) (track 6)
Sebastian RamstedtGuitar solo (track 6)
Mathias “Vreth” LillmånsVocals (additional) (track 8)
Robin MattssonPiano (track 8)
Miscellaneous staff
Owe InborrMixing, Mastering, Recording (drums, percussion)
Niklas WebjörnArtwork
Jakob BjörnfotSongwriting, Lyrics
Kristian GustavssonLyrics (track 6)
Robin MattssonArrangement (piano outro on track 8)

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