Red To Grey: Balance Of Power-2021.

Red To Grey:Thrash Metal from


Circle of PainDemo1998 
Wrath of the WeakFull-length2000 
T.h.r.a.s.h. you aLIVELive album2013 
Vanity and PrideSingle2021 
Balance of PowerFull-length2021 


Elmar NüßleinDrums (1998-present)
See also: ex-Ferra Saeva, ex-Aeons End, ex-Cemetery, ex-Mönsters
Tino BergamoGuitars (1998-present)
See also: ex-Sophistication, ex-Hateful Agony, ex-Valley’s Eve (live)
Stefan Hendel “Uidel”Bass (2003-present)
See also: Cemetery
Gaby WeihmayerVocals (2012-present)
See also: ex-Aeons End, ex-Cemetery, ex-Waxx, ex-Generation X
Florian “Flo” BotschekGuitars (2018-present)
See also: Spiritual Decay, ex-Subconscious, ex-Apophis (live)

Past Members:

Robin FischerBass (1998-2003)
See also: Apeirage, ex-Aeons End, ex-Ascension, ex-Cumulo Nimbus, ex-Haggard, ex-Sycronomica, ex-Internal Decay, ex-Saruman, ex-Solemnity
Frank PanéGuitars (1998-2002, 2006-2012)
See also: BonfireValley’s Eve, ex-Solemnity, Burn, Cover-X, Dark Blue Inc., Frank Pané, Mantragora, Sainted Sinners
Andy PankrazVocals (lead) (1998-2011)
See also: ex-Stoned Face
Jan Hoffmann “Moppel”Guitars (2003-2006)
See also: AtlantisNonhumental, ex-Cold Spread, ex-Depressive World, ex-Ferra Saeva, ex-Rebellion, Long Distance Calling, ex-Angelus Mortis
Manuel DuftschmidGuitars (2012-2014)
Hannes KreilederGuitars (2015-2018)

One thought on “Red To Grey: Balance Of Power-2021.

  1. Red To Grey
    Balance Of Power
    by Andrew Harvey at 07 February 2022, 9:18 AM

    Thrash metal band RED TO GREY are from Germany came together in 1998 with a male vocalist originally with, which they released their debut album, WRATH OF THE WEAK in 2000, then their follow-up album ADMISSIONS in 2008. But then in 2012 they recruited a female vocalist to join, her name is GABY WEIHMAYER and she replaced the original singer. A live album came along in 2013 titled T.H.r.a.s.h You Alive before they came to record their third studio album. The band include 4 members, GABY WEIHMAYER on vocals, TINO BERGAMO & FLORIAN “FLO” BOTSCHEK on guitar, STEFAN “UIDEL” HENDEL on bass guitar and last but not least ELMAR NÜßLEIN on drums. GABY, STEFAN and ELMAR were all members of another band called CEMETERY from before whereas GABY and ELMAR were also a part of another band called AEONS END.

    They are now here once more with a fantastic new album released through El Puerto Records in October 2021. This is but a very interesting opening track titled “Balance Of Power” with synth based sound at first providing a symphonic intro. The electric guitar roars from nowhere accompanied by angelic chanting plus classic rock drumming. A slow but steady starter with colourful guitar rhythm before the wrath of explosive amp effect takes over. Now into the second track “Hell Burner” which is joined by vocals shrieking and drums pounding through the mix with clarity. Raw thrash metal has taken us into the underground of metal mania, we can hear the guitar strumming quite harshly. The lower ground is rumbling slightly as we enter the next track “Tigger Of Lies”. Banging drums accenting the true nature of how they should sound, female vocals driving the narrative in and out of the sound field. Electric guitar and drums share the lead and theme of what we heard before.

    “We March” firing snare hits with vocal harmonies one after another plus hungry guitar becoming feisty as before. Drums do punch their way through at times and guitar is the beating heart of the track which is electrifying and stirring. “Vanity And Pride” with thrash metal rhythm and drums and guitar to dictate the musical direction this track takes. Vocals take a small element of thrash from the guitar vibrato where vocals are more melodic. The rhythm varies which is a true and vital element of thrash metal. “Fight” has a more vigorous guitar line and bass mumbles but provides the tone. Vocals take a rather different approach with more harmonies, guitar giving a mid range but soloistic tone. Drums punch through but they are more set back and forced into the background so the guitar can embellish. “Object Of Observation” has a more rebellious vocal line and has more style with metallic clashing drums. There is a momentum and continuity building up with thrash combined with melodic or operatic vocals, between the two.

    “The Dead Walk” opens with hardcore thumping of drums, grilling guitar and snappy vocals. The throttle is released and the tone is more meaty, bulky and eccentric set by guitar and drums. The beat is stimulating and we move into the finale of this album which is “Within Grey Rooms” firing on all cylinders revving up the bass. Guitar goes wild and shouts through the sound waves as drums become more complex. Now a storm of all instruments ensues and the devastating tonality of drums, guitar and bass unite in the last section of this track. A clock is heard at the end of the album as it finishes, simply staggering, full of passion and drive. I am in love with the rhythm and tone of this band, the vocals are merely the icing on the cake, sensational album!

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