Incrypt: Thrashing Extinction-2022.

Incrypt:Thrash Metal from Australia.


Metal FetishDemo2002 
Tribal WarsEP2012
The Victim Is YouFull-length2014 
Eyes upon This WorldFull-length2017 
Thrashing ExtinctionFull-length2022 


Adam FoxBass
Byron ValiDrums
Mars ValiVocals

One thought on “Incrypt: Thrashing Extinction-2022.

  1. INCRYPT “Thrashing Extinction”
    douggroff by douggroff February 17, 2022.

    Australia’s Incrypt are a band that all Metal needs to keep an eye on as “Thrashing Extinction” showed me this band has the diversity in their sound to stick around for a long time.

    There’s an obvious Thrash element to their music, but there’s other elements as well including some Prog and NWOBHM influence as well. I have to comment right away on the production of the album it’s really amazing, great separation of the instruments, a nice kick and an overall great blend. Some might find it a little too slick for Metal but I thought it captured the band’s intensity quite nicely.

    Frontman Mars Vali has amazing energy, he mostly uses the more intense thrash voice with a little death growl here and there. They write some killer hooks in the songs, I found myself singing back to several of the tunes. Lyrically the songs will sound great live and work up the crowd into a frenzy. Several of the songs, like the title track, “Declaration”, “Open This Pit” and “Ultimate Downunder Attack” are in your face songs about the power of Trash and Metal. Having grown up with Aussie’s on our family farm and having an extended stay over there I totally appreciated their approach to the music. It’s heavy as crap but not quite as “angry” as bands from the States. To be honest it’s very refreshing.

    Of course behind every great Thrash band is an amazing drummer. Bryon Vali is as solid as I’ve heard in awhile, his double kicks are like a machine gun, but he can to time changes and keep in perfect sync, really impressive. Bassist Adam Fox provides a solid backbone to the tracks too, I can actually hear the bass in the mix and he adds a nice element.

    Guitarist, meaning the ONLY guitarist is Damien Bevan. I understand that you layer things in the recording process but he does a great job as both rhythm and soloist. The band in general is very tight and we all know Thrash and the Extreme Metals require some amazing musicianship.

    Overall this is not your typical Thrash album. I guess I could compare them a bit to Metal Church, who were technically a “Thrash” band, but they fell under other categories as well. I read in the bio they were looking to make an album to stand the test of time and I think they accomplished exactly that.
    The focal point was creating a Thrash Metal Album for an Incrypt audience to a Thrash Metal fan base. The style is very much distinct with small pockets of early Thrash musical influences, the feel is unique more focused than previous albums by Incrypt. Front man Mars Vali explains how his big desire to go back to the root system derived from medium paced Thrash and early don’t care attitude as a must and passion for the relevance of the genre that continues to stand out the test of time.

    “Thrashing Extinction” is born produced and created in Australia!

    Features an array of attacking tracks, a symphonic creepy intro kicks off before the first track unleashes Titled – Thrashing Extinction
    Then goes through an onslaught of lyrical content all about Thrashing Metal This album has a contemporary feel about it and nothing like early 80’s Thrash it’s more a validation.

    The album has a truly edgy magnificent display’s of the Incrypt musical melody and toughness, however they have thrown in a Metal Anthem in the mix – Stars Of The Southern Land – Very much Australiana and all about band’s slaving away playing metal across Aus, which is a stand out track! Also a punk style song all about drinking and partying called – Chaotic Freedom Remains – you know we all need one of those in every epic Metal album.

    Even a real life ghost story called – Ghost Hour Chimes – shoved into the array To sum it up! Ten knockout track’s by these legends formed in Melbourne, Australia, an all-round top shelf Aussie Thrash Metal Band & Album.


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