Under Attack: Virus Alert-2021.

Under Attack:Heavy Metal from Italy.


Daniele Sciacca – Voz.

Fabio Rossi – Guitarra invitado.

Nando Bonini – Guitarra, bajo, batería.

Italian Classic Metal/Hard Rock band, Under Attack , have just released their new album, “Virus Alert” via Sliptrick Records . “Virus Alert” is a concept album set in a dystopian future, the themes are very current as the danger derived from a society where finances dominate, a world where massive manipulation techniques are increasingly prevalent. In this struggle for power, all the evil that man can inhabit is manifested. In this Orwellian and apocalyptic world, the war for oppression takes place above all at the economic and social level.

The band comments: “Those who dominate the market, the banks and the media are the ones who hold the real world power, a power that later translates first into a ferocious dictatorship and finally into a world war, a war of the future where conventional weapons are associated with the use of nuclear weapons and battery weapons. All this evil seems to dominate but the picture that the songs describe allows us to glimpse the light of a divine and supernatural intervention that will forever stop the madness of evil and self-destruction .

To represent this concept also on the cover and graphics, Under Attack relied on a great artist, author of numerous covers of important bands like Evergrey, Gianni Nakos.

The sound of the album refers to the classic metal of the 80s with special attention to the guitar solos.

Victoria Jr.

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