Bastard: Rottend Blood-2022.

Bastard:Blackened Thrash Death Metal from United States.


Demo 2012Demo2012 
Hades CommandFull-length2015 
Blood for SatanSingle2017 
Rotten BloodSingle2021 
Rotten BloodFull-length2022 


Tim KuttererBass
See also: Eternal PlagueLightning Wolf
Jason AsberryDrums
See also: HarkoninStormruler, ex-Absala, Faustian Nihilist, ex-Fister (live), ex-Brokeneck
Scott FogelbachGuitars (2011-present)
See also: The Lion’s Daughter, ex-Harkonin, ex-Love Lost But Not Forgotten, ex-Rue Morgue, ex-This Incredible Machine
Jason BarronVocals (2011-2016, 2020-present)
See also: HarkoninSidirial, ex-Fistula, ex-Pulchra Morte, ex-Athymia Bliss

Past Members:

Tom QuachBass (2011-?)
See also: HarkoninWarghoul, ex-Withered Icon, ex-Fistula, ex-Temples, ex-The Red Wall Massacre
Winston AlvarezDrums (2011-?)
See also: HowlingStormcallerStormheimTyranny Enthroned
Matt CoyleGuitars (2011-2014)
See also: ex-Fistula, ex-Harkonin
Ryan RhyneerGuitars (2015-?)
Craig UtterbackVocals (2016-2020)
See also: FeverLeagues Below, ex-Desecrhate, ex-Withered Icon, Abyss of Black, ex-Nithael, ex-Athymia Bliss

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