Sartori: Dragon’s Fire-2022.

Sartori:Heavy Metal from United States.


Dragon’s FireFull-length2022


Rod ViquezBass, Vocals (backing)
Dino CastanoDrums
Andy SartoriGuitars, Vocals (backing)
Scott BoardVocals
See also: Cerebus, ex-Dimage, No Love Lost

One thought on “Sartori: Dragon’s Fire-2022.

  1. Craig Hartranft 26-01-2022.

    Arriving from Ambler, a small town outside of Philadelphia, is Sartori, the namesake band of guitarist Andy Sartori. Born in Brazil of Italian heritage, Sartori has recorded music from Brazil to England to Japan, where he has some notable popularity. But I’ve never heard of the fellow and I don’t know if he has any previous studio albums to his credit. Sartori arrives with a new album, Dragon’s Fire which features Scott Board on vocals, Rod Viquez on bass, and Dino Castano on drums.

    Keeping this review brief, Sartori plays neo-classical, guitar-centered, power metal. He states that he is a fan of classical baroque music and that his greatest influence is Mozart. Essentially, Sartori’s Dragon’s Fire sounds like your typical album of neo-classical guitar wizardry that made Yngwie Malsteem famous. Perhaps, Andy Sartori wishes for the same. Otherwise, to this listener this more like, been there, heard that before. A more sardonic punter might add, “and so what?” This can be said with little doubt: Mr Sartori is an accomplished guitarist. However, there’s nothing new or notable about the songs, which offer the usual formula: riffs+rhythm section+vocals+guitar solo=neo-classical power metal. Ergo, the conclusion is simple: if you like guitar-forward, melodic, power metal with vocals and epic neo-classical guitar solos, you will enjoy Andy Sartori and Dragon’s Fire. But the album may be of more interest to fellow or aspiring neo-classical guitar players.


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