Sin Starlett: Solid Source Of Stell-2022.

Sin Starlett:Melodic Heavy Metal from Switzerland.


Call to the PunisherFull-length2008 
Black Magic Sky / HellasSplit2010
Demo 2011Demo2011 
Throat AttackFull-length2012 
Digital Overload / Electric ExpanderSingle2015 
Digital OverloadFull-length2016
To the PowerlineSingle2019 
Solid Source of SteelFull-length2022


Reno MeierGuitars
Elias FelberVocals
BandaneliDrums (2011-present)
Christoph WidmerBass (2016-present)
See also: Axxelerator
Jack TytanGuitars (2020-present)
See also: Emuqa

Past Members:

Pascal “Bigger” WerthBass
Dany “King” SchilligerDrums (2005-2007)
(R.I.P. 2007) See also: ex-Charing Cross
Jan HoratGuitars (2005-2018)
Oli SinDrums (2007-2011)
Cliff LightyearBass (2012-?)
See also: ex-Battalion

One thought on “Sin Starlett: Solid Source Of Stell-2022.

  1. CHAIRTHROWER, February 24th, 2022
    Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Metalizer Records.

    Released on absolute day of “twos” under Germany’s Metalizer Records (think Aeonblack, Crescent Shield and Vänlade), Sin Starlett’s fourth high-quality, eight tracked full-length, aptly named Solid Source Of Steel, mollifies me almost as much as Swiss quintet’s prior gem, 2016’s Digital Overload…simply because latter subsists as coolly surprised, system shock point of entry or discovery. Regardless, newbie “starlets” shall find much to knee-slide and rock out to — to twitter and wit, isn’t that Cloven Hoof/Judas Priest styled artwork seriously spectacular and grand?!

    A minute long, cybernetically affected instrumental coda yields opening title track’s singular “throat attack”, with established, founding members Elias Felber (chameleon vocals), Reno Meier (seizing electric axe) and Bandaneli (pro-active stool warmer) placating trad metal masses alongside newly engaged salacious sinners, ripper-of-strings Jack Tytan and bass horde monger Christoph Widmer.

    Token languorous instances of clean, timely woven acclimatization, whilst not quite as prevalent as last time, still find nice niche at beginning and end of imperative anthem “Rule Or Obey”, as twin knicker-twisting night time tricks “Straight & Ready” and wickedly titled, Blackslash evoking “Streetlight Domino” pave incandescent pathway for further ever-hallowed and Priestly “Struck Down” (along with “Rule Or Obey”, longest cut at 7.5 minutes of orgiastic air-shredding glory), “Blessed By The Shot” and additional top fav “Waves Of Hamartia”.

    An apparently ferrous, arena-size swansong subsists in chromatic wingdinger “Iron Stamina”; bookended as it is by “Solid Source Of Steel”‘s crisp, phosphorus energy and fervour, fuels Sin Starlett’s continual…iron stamina! Fans of equally busy bees Blackslash, Gauntlet Rule and Midnight Hellion also need apply.


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