Toxikull: Cursed And Punished-2019.

Toxikull:Heavy Thrash Metal from Portugal.


Black SheepFull-length2016 
The NightraiserEP2018 
Special Edition DemoDemo2018 
Cursed and PunishedFull-length2019


Antim “The Viking”Bass, Vocals (lead)
See also: Black FlareBooze Abuser, ex-Toxic Room, ex-Okkultist
Lex ThunderGuitars, Vocals (lead)
See also: ex-Toxic Room, ex-Midnight Priest
Michael BladeGuitars

Past Members:

The LorkeDrums (?-2018)
See also: ex-Okkultist
See also: Okkultist, ex-Toxic Room
GarrasDrums (2018-2020)
See also: ThrashWall, ex-Corrosão Social, ex-Noisy Trips

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