Drakkar: Chaos Lord-2021.

Drakkar:Power Metal from Italy.

Discography :

Sailing AliveDemo1996 
We Sail at DawnDemo1997 
Quest for GloryFull-length1998
Razorblade GodFull-length2002
When Lightning StrikesFull-length2012
Run with the WolfFull-length2015
Cold Winter’s NightEP2018 
Falling DownEP2020 
Chaos LordFull-length2021


Dario BerettaGuitars (1995-present)
See also: Crimson Dawn
Davide Dell’OrtoVocals (2000-present)
See also: AthlantisVerde Lauro
Emanuele LaghiKeyboards (2014-present)
See also: Crimson Dawn
Simone Pesenti GrittiBass (2017-present)
See also: ex-Stato Brado
Daniele FerruDrums (2017-present)
See also: AbyssianMyriad Lights, ex-Holy Martyr, ex-Tethra, ex-The Killing Machine, ex-Wow
Marco RusconiGuitars (2017-present)
See also: Crimson Dawn

Past Members:

Christian FioraniDrums (1995-2003)
Alessandro ForgioneBass (1996-1998)
See also: ex-Eyes of Soul
Alessandro FerrarisBass (1998-2000)
See also: 6th Counted MurderEderaWhite LilithRhetra (live)
Eleonora CerettiKeyboards (1998-2000)
Luca CappellariVocals (1998-2000)
See also: White Lilith, ex-Vision
Daniele PersoglioBass (2000-2006)
See also: ex-Holy Gates
Corrado SolarinoKeyboards (2000-?)
Giulio CaponeDrums (2005-2009)
See also: BetokenMoonlight Haze, ex-Bejelit, ex-5th Element, ex-Wild Steel, ex-Asidie, ex-Pandæmonium, ex-Temperance, ex-From the Depth (live)
Simone CappatoBass (2006-?)
See also: Mortuary Drape, ex-Controsigillo

One thought on “Drakkar: Chaos Lord-2021.

  1. Larry6990, March 29th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Punishment 18 Records

    I have a strange relationship with this band. I know their first two albums back-to-back and inside out, especially Quest For Glory which was one of the first CDs I ever obtained. Then, for some reason, I skipped twenty years of their career, forgetting they even existed until a few months back where I was doing my monthly scan of worthwhile new metal on Bandcamp. I came across their last EP Falling Down and gave myself a taste of what I’ve been missing. Despite a slight wilderness period in the late ’00s, Drakkar have been consistent in the quality of their power metal, and now is definitely the time to get into them if you have never considered them before. Refreshingly straightforward, yet subtly ambitious, their brand of fantasy-tinged power metal will excite any fans of the late ’90s European wave…because that’s exactly where these Italians hail from.

    New effort Chaos Lord is the first full-length studio album since 2015’s Run With The Wolf so it’s certainly not come before time. Moving out of the dragon-based fantasy of the past and into a dystopian future (I think!), the Italians retain their robust power metal base and add very few frills, which should please those who are sick of the overly flowery, pompous stuff Italy is capable of producing (though there’s plenty of that on its way – watch this space!). That said, they still feel it necessary to include an obligatory orchestral intro in the shape of “The Dreaming City” – where the quality of the symphonics is such that it reminds me of an upper-tier dungeon synth act. Either way, it’s appropriately cheesy and gets me smiling before “Lord Of A Dying Race” has me nodding approvingly. With a solid driving tempo, strong vocal performance and satisfyingly thick texture, it’s a great way to introduce audiences to Drakkar circa 2021.

    After being effectively settled by the openers, it’s time for the spine-tinglingly glorious cheesefest that is “Horns Up!”. If you cringe painfully at songs about how much bands love playing heavy metal, then you will be tempted to skip this. Very well, you’ll only be missing one of the most fantastic anthems the power metal genre has produced in a while; catchy, sincere, full of life, and easily one of my favourite songs of 2021. I can’t help but feel this should’ve been placed right at the end of the album. Not only would that ensure proceedings end on the highest note possible, but it also feels separate to the rest of the record thematically. In its stead, Chaos Lord closes on the rather wistful “True To The End”. I can see exactly why this is an appropriate climax for the mood of the album, but it’s not what I would’ve chosen.

    We are blessed throughout this LP, aside from the compulsory theatrical choruses like “Through The Horsehead Nebula” (goosebumps every time!), with the occasional heavy riff. Beefed up by the fantastically gritty production quality, tracks like “Firebird”, “The Battle” and the title-track guarantee that – in this display of power metal – the emphasis is kept firmly on the ‘metal’. Long time vocalist Davide Dell’Orto is sounding gruff, mature and totally in control, whilst sole original member Dario Beretta is clearly having a whale of a time, providing some excellent solos among the well-rounded song structures. I won’t disparage Drakkar’s 26-year legacy by saying they are reminiscent of this band or that band – because, truth be told, they have always had their own timbre. It’s a familiar and well-trodden one, yes, but with hymnal marches like “And He Will Rise Again” contrasting with explosive energizers like “Firebird”, the Italians continue to forge their own path. Hopefully Chaos Lord is a positive sign of a more frequent release schedule.


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