Cobra The Impaler: Colossal Gods-2022.

Cobra The Impaler:Proggressive Stoner Sludge Metal from Belgium.

Metalband from Ghent Belgium featuring Tace DC (Hæster, ex-Aborted) Michélé De Feudis (Almighty Mighty) Manuel Remmerie (Von Detta, Majestic Sun) James Falck (BEAR).COBRA THE IMPALER is a band formed by Thijs De Cloedt. After playing in numerous bands such as Aborted and H?ster, Thijs decided to make an album full of pounding riffs combined with strong melodic vocals.Thijs recruited Dirk Verbeuren to record the drums. Dirk is well known for his amazing work in bands like Megadeth, Soilwork and Devin Townsend. Thijs still knew Dirk from playing together on the Aborted classic ‘Goremageddon’ album. Both musicians stayed in touch ever since and Dirk was eager to make his mark on this riff-based project. Thijs wanted to have a combination of both melodic vocals and gut-wrenching screams and ended up with Mich?l? De Feudis (Horses On Fire) and Manuel Remmerie (Von Detta). . Stakes are high so the Impalers want to bring the album live with a solid production on every single show. With a lot of attention to the overall sound and production value, the band wants to give the audience a fierce performance. Roaring guitars, piercing vocal harmonies and powerful drum fills.


Manuel Remmerie – vocals
Thijs De Cloedt – guitar
Mathieu Vander Vennet – guitar
Michélé De Feudis – bass
Gert Stals – drums

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