Hell:On: Scythian Stamm-2020.

Hell:On:Thrash Death Metal from Ukraine.


Strong EnoughFull-length2006 
Still on the WaySingle2008 
Beyond the FakeEP2008 
In the Shadow of EmptinessEP2010 
Age of OblivionFull-length2012 
Decade of HellCompilation2015 
Once upon a Chaos…Full-length2015 
A Glimpse BeyondSplit2019 
Scythian StammFull-length2020


SlayerBass (2005-present)
LeshiyDrums (2005-present)
See also: Blast X
HellionGuitars (2005-present)
See also: Moria, Blast X
Olexandr BayevVocals (2005-present)
Anton VorozhtsovGuitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Ungrace, Blast X, ex-Alien Autopsy

Past Members:

Dragon-TGuitars (2005-2009)
See also: ex-Balfor

One thought on “Hell:On: Scythian Stamm-2020.

  1. Edmund Sackbauer, March 16th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Hell Serpent Music (Digipak)

    When it comes to metal and Ukrainian acts I am mainly aware of some great black metal projects. Hell:On are surely one of the country’s finest exports when it comes to death metal, and with their full length number six “Scythian Stamm” they have produced another statement release that sees them head to head with some of the biggest bands of the scene when it comes to the quality. Consisting of ten roaring tracks and more than 55 minutes of playing time they have thrown everything they got into the mix, with the end result being on of the fines examples of pure death metal combining old and new school.

    The album starts off with a nice build-up, setting the tone of the entire journey, before plunging the listener into the mouth of madness without a further warning. Track number one “Spreading Chaos is a nice representative of what Hell:On are all about, presenting everything from great riffs to nice and often crazy lead melodies. The blast beats and tremolo picked action continues in “The Architect’s Temple”, with a verse-chorus section that becomes an instant earworm. The number of high velocity riffs and chugs that run rampant through each of the tracks is insane, and while some songs might grip you more than others the overall quality is outstanding.

    On this album Hell:On managed to create a sound that is both extremely hard-hitting and highly melodic at the same time, inserting enough earworm riffs into the songwriting so that even picky listeners should be pleased in that regard. All the tracks offer pure rush of death metal darkness, replete with robust blast beats and fantastically melodramatic guitar-driven majesty. In places there is a certain dissonant vibe inherent in the music, but ultimately the epic hooks are dominating, with a lot of the harmonies being quite epic in nature. There is kind of an oriental-minded feeling going on in the background, with some of the chords touching on somewhat exotic key notes.

    This band combines bruising grooves, down-tuned thrashy riffs and slow but heavy sections ramping up the intensity of the whole affair. Although we are talking about classic death metal some of the sections are technically quite sophisticated, but thankfully things are never overdone. Before passive listeners like myself can get overwhelmed Hell:On find their way back to the steamrolling and heavy pounding main groove of the respective song. While a few outbursts of instrumental firework might be interesting the most important thing is coherent songwriting, and this is where they really shine. The vocals by singer Olexandr are the icing on the cake, with his delivery being on point and his mid-ranged growls perfectly fitting into the overall picture.

    The production is quite modern and packs a hefty punch. This kind of death metal just asks for a very clear and dynamic approach so that each of the details gets enough room to not get buried beneath the hefty walls of sound. That being said there is enough old school spirit in the overall sound to make “Scythian Stamm” an interesting release for purists as well. The drums are powerful and the guitars have a nice and crunchy tone, and thanks to a well-balanced overall mix also the bass can be heard. Probably Hell:On will never get the same amount of recognition as some of the big names, but I urge you to do yourself a favor and not sleep on this band.


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