Dagoba: By Night-2022.

Dagoba:Groove Industrial Metal from France.


Time to GoDemo1999 
Release the FuryEP2001 
What Hell Is AboutFull-length2006
Face the ColossusFull-length2008
Post Mortem Nihil EstFull-length2013
Hellfest MMXIVLive album2014 
Tales of the Black DawnFull-length2015
Inner SunSingle2017 
Stone OceanSingle2017 
Black NovaFull-length2017
The HuntSingle2021 
By NightFull-length2022 


ShawterVocals, Samples (1997-present), Guitars, Orchestrations (2013)
Richard de MelloGuitars (2017-present)
See also: Deluge
Kawa KoshigeroBass (2021-present)
TheoDrums (2021-present)
See also: ExocrineMaster Crow, ex-Léo X Gérard, ex-Deep in Hate (live)

Past Members:

Franky CostanzaDrums (1998-2016)
See also: Blazing War MachineCarbonic FieldsEmma-ONaraka, Vise Versa, ex-Avatar of Hate, ex-Imperial, ex-Parallel Minds, ex-Outburst
WertherBass (1999-?)
IzakarGuitars (1999-2012)
See also: Blazing War Machine
S.T.Guitars (1999-2002)
ZGuitars (2012-2016)
See also: The Coyotes Dessert, Z Family, ex-Where Eagles Dare, ex-Caedes
Nicolas BastosDrums (2016-2021)
See also: ex-Deep in Hate, ex-L’Esprit du Clan, ex-Aborted (live), ex-T.A.N.K (live), ex-Apocalypse Now, ex-Drifting Breed, ex-Krad, ex-Forest in Blood, ex-Betraying the Martyrs (live)
Jean-Lau DucroisetGuitars (2016-2017)
See also: ex-Krysalyd, Xplore Yesterday

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