Grand Lux: Carved In Stone-2007.

Grand Lux:Heavy Metal from Norway.


Grand LuxDemo2001 
Iron WillFull-length2005 
Carved in StoneFull-length2007 


Kirk EvinGuitars, Vocals
B. D. HugesGuitars, Vocals
Zack RamentBass (2002-present)
Phil GoodeVocals (2003-present)

Past Members:

Morty “Black” SkagetBass (1999-2000)
See also: Åge Aleksandersen Og Sambandet, Rypdal & Tekrö And The Daredevils, URO (Ulf Risnes Orkester), ex-Jorn, ex-TNT, ex-Wild Willy’s Gang, ex-1 2 3, ex-Bad Habitz, ex-Blackmail, ex-Gil Edwards & The Lovejokers, ex-Ken Hensley & The Viking All Stars, ex-Kjetil By, ex-Lennart Gribb Band, ex-Music Machine, ex-Panic, ex-Pioneers, ex-Rocky, ex-Ronni Le Tekrø, ex-Spice, ex-Stargazer, ex-Sunny, ex-Terje Tysland, ex-Vagabond

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