Fountain Of Tears: Fate-2007.

Fountain Of Tears:Proggressive Gothic Metal from United States.


Fountain of TearsFull-length1999 
Fountain of TearsDemo2003 


Erik NeyBass
See also: ex-Sacrament
Joe DaubDrums
See also: Believer
Mike DiDonatoGuitars
See also: ex-Sacrament, The Age of Truth
Jeff KingKeyboards
See also: Believer, ex-Sardonyx

Past Members:

Anna DeRoseVocals
Vonnie KingVocals

One thought on “Fountain Of Tears: Fate-2007.

    Courtesy of

    Press Release / Drummer Joey Daub of the much-missed late ’80s/early ’90s technical-thrash metal band BELIEVER has completed work on the new album from his FOUNTAIN OF TEARS project, entitled Fate. The album, which is scheduled for release on February 13, 2007, is available for pre-order now at the FOUNTAIN OF TEARS website. “Also, the cover art and track listing have been posted on the site and in the next couple of days our first single, ‘What Lies Ahead’, will be uploaded in its entirety and available for download,” Daub writes on his web site.

    Joey continues: “On the BELIEVER front, due to some changes within the ‘Bachman’ camp (guitarist/vocalist Kurt Bachman), we have not made much progress recently but will resume writing when things clear up. Kurt and I are looking forward to getting on a more steady schedule to crank out some tunes.

    “Having said that, Jeff King (bassist/keyboardist) and I have been using the time available to write more songs for our YEAR OF PLENTY project. It has been a very creative process and we are really enjoying ourselves. Jeff, being a fan of odd meters and crazy riffs, has written some very interesting stuff that I feel the BELIEVER fan could enjoy.”

    Fate track listing:

    1. “Weeping Sky”
    2. “Corruption”
    3. “Falling”
    4. “What Lies Ahead”
    5. “Forever Lost”
    6. “Desire”
    7. “A Descent Into the Maelstrom”
    8. “With My Fears”
    9. “Ten”
    10. “Entropy”
    11. “Jasmine”
    12. “Fate”



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