Man.Machine.Industry: Doomsday Clock-2020.

man.machine. industry:Heavy Metal from Sweden.




MMI is formed by J. “Berget” Bergman, ex Slapdash (Nuclear Blast rec/MNW rec) and Rosicrucian (Black Mark Rec), at first as a solo project


debut CD released in 2001 named one of that years best releases by M.Larsson in Sweden’s leading metal magazine CLOSE-UP


MMI as J.Bs solo project becomes a band when members NAIL (bass) and DNA (drums) joins.


MMI releases second CD “Be Like The Dog You Are and Enter The Circle”. The sound have now moved away from the synthetic/electric sound and towards a more traditional industrial metal sound. The CD got good and better reviews. Later that year MMI releases a demo CDR “ Not Dead Yet” with some songs from the debut in new versions updated to how they sound now.


MMI records another demo CDR “To Hell And Back Again” with new songs and also shoot their first official video with director Alex Frejrud for the song “The Devils Blues…to hell & back”. Both the video and CDR gets lots of attention on the web and reviews.


J.B starts building his own studio Killing Machine. MMI gets more live shows booked and at the end of 2006. J.B writes the song The Hunt as his first track to be recorded there. Also a video for The Hunt is shot. This is J.Bs first try producing and editing a video himself.


MMI gets to play their forst show at a major festival in Helsinki, Finland at Findustrial Festival. When they come home they get an offer from Starbreeze who is programming a new PS3 / X-Box 360 game to appear with BOTH their videos in the game. The game is called THE DARKNESS and showed to be a world wide success.


MMI starts writing new songs for an upcoming album and more and more live shows are done. MMI appears in a competition on the radio station Bandit Radio and finish at 10:th place
among 1000 bands. Web radio station starts pushing MMI at their station and more and more fans are streaming MMI at their MySpace. Rumors are flowing about this upcoming great band called MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY.


MMI have had a year of small success on the live front. MMI played Sweden’s largest metal/hard rock festival SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL hosting 36 000 visitors. They also played at the Sucken festival at their main stage at a main event time with bands such as Crucified Barbara, Dead By April and Sparzanza. They also played as support act for RAUBTIER, the mighty DEATHSTARS and the brutal Gothenburg metalers M.A.N.


MMI signes with Stockholm based record label GMR MUSIC to release the new album “White Trash Devil In a Jesus Christ Pose” Three singles/videos was released as “teasers” from the album. The first one,THE HUNT, has already over 14 000 hits and the second singel/video RUNNING FREE has over 10 000 hits and the new single/video BROKEN BONES & TWISTED MINDS has over 6000 hits at All singles has been aired at almost 100 radio/webradio stations around the world. The album was released on April 23:rd in Europe and USA on CD and as MP3 on iTunes, AmazonMP3,, Napster and others.

The album also hosts eminent guests such as Patrik Wirén of Grammy winners Misery Loves Co Gustav Jorde of Defleshed, Raubtier, Valley Of the dead, Misha Sedini of Come Sleep and Lingua Ken Stone of The Knockouts and poet Lady M.

In 2010 MMI have have shared stage with bands such as M.A.N (once again), and a mini tour with one of Swedens largest metal exports SONIC SYNDICATE. They also played with SPARZANZA and RAUBTIER once again.


MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY had at this time between 300-1000 plays per day at their My Space and has been as high as nr1 on the My Space Chart of most played and visitded Swedish bands.

Unfortunatly members NAIL and DNA left the band in 2011 due to that the band spends to much time away from their familys.

Jim and J.B desided to not look for new members until the new album was recorded and finished so additional musicians for live shows was to be Misha Sedini and David Wiltz on bass and Adde Larsson and Thomas Manell on drums playing live through 2011.

The band continues to share the stage with the Swedish metal elite. Up next the band shares stage with CORRODED, ENGEL, MASS MURDER AGENDA and Turbo Negro vocalist and Marilyn Manson bass players new band Dr:Midnight And The Mercy Cult.

A release for the last and final single/video from the album is released. KNUCKLE-DUSTER also hosting a guest performance from poet Lady M.

J.B also makes a guest appearance on stage with industrial maniacs MASS MURDER AGENDA at their show in Sthlm.

And in summer 2011 J.B and new found member, guitarist, CAR CRASH JIM, starts writing the next album.

During Aug/Sep Jim and J.B started writing and recording the new album with Thomas Manell on drums.

In Oct MMI performed a live show at a 40h Halloween cruise called ROCKBITCH BOAT 2011. The show was filmed and edited by 13 Roadkills Production and will be released on a DVD fall 2012.

Jim and J.B thought that it would be cool having a cover song on the new album and desided it to be Killing Joke´s
classic from 1984 “EIGHTIES”. To sing on the song the offer went to Jens Westin of CORRODED who gladly accepted.


New memebers joined right before the photo shoot for the new album. “13” on bass and “Bennich” on drums and the line-up for the future is stronger and more powerful than ever.


2001 – Mention

2004 – Be Like The Dog You Are And Enter The Circle (EP)

2010 – White Trash Devil In A Jesus Christ Pose

2012 – Lean Back, Relax And Watch The World Burn

2017 – Box Of Horrors

2018 – Reborn

2020 – Doomsday Clock

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