Time Requiem: Optical Illusion-2006.

Time Requiem:Neoclassical Melodic Power Metal from Sweden.


Andy RoseBass
See also: ex-Static
Jörg AndrewsDrums
See also: ex-Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey
Magnus NilssonGuitars
See also: ex-God B.C., ex-Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey
Richard AnderssonKeyboards
See also: ex-Silver Seraph, ex-Devil’s Heaven, ex-Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey, ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Adagio, ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Moahni Moahna (live), ex-Majestic, ex-Mansson
Göran EdmanVocals
See also: BleckhornHeadlessJayce LandbergRoxxShadraneStratosphereXsavior, ex-Johansson, Backwood Spirit, Dark Blue Inc., ex-Madison, ex-Signum Regis, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Vindictiv, ex-Brazen Abbot, ex-Goran/Dag/Dan, ex-Karmakanic, ex-Kharma, ex-Mårran, ex-Nikolo Kotzev’s Nostradamus, ex-Street Talk, ex-Swedish Erotica, ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion


Time RequiemFull-length2002
Unleashed in JapanLive album2004 
The Inner Circle of RealityFull-length2004
The Ultimate Andersson CollectionSplit2005 
Optical IllusionFull-length2006

Past Members:

Jonas ReingoldBass
See also: ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Opus Atlantica, ex-Devil’s Heaven, Kaipa, Karmakanic, The Flower Kings, ex-Reptilian, ex-Reingold
Dick LövgrenBass
See also: CromlechMeshuggah, ex-Last Tribe, Nica Group, ex-Arch Enemy (live), ex-In Flames (live), ex-Armageddon, ex-Frequency
Zoltan CsörszDrums
See also: Art Metal, Karmakanic, ex-Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey, ex-Vindictiv, ex-Jonas Hellborg, ex-The Flower Kings
Peter WildoerDrums
See also: DarkaneElectrocution 250Grimmark, ex-Agretator, ex-Gardens of Obscurity, ex-Silver Seraph, ex-Zaninez, ex-Non-Human Level, ex-Demise, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-James LaBrie, ex-Pestilence, ex-Soilwork (live), ex-Armageddon, ex-Majestic
Apollo PapathanasioVocals
See also: ArturiusSpiritual BeggarsWe Sell the Dead, Apollo, Gathering of Kings, ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Firewind, ex-Meduza, ex-Sandalinas, ex-Gardenian, ex-Majestic
Magnus NordhGuitars (2002-2005)
See also: ex-Majestic

One thought on “Time Requiem: Optical Illusion-2006.

  1. orionmetalhead, November 15th, 2006

    Im not a fan of Dream Theater. Whether that is because I refuse to allow myself to like a band that, I feel, is more inclined to show off their capabilites than write good songs is one question that I probably shouldn’t need to answer. Time Requiem is possibly the greatest Dream Theater clone I have ever heard however, there is something strange present here on Optical Illusion that makes me enjoy them and I dont think its because they actually make good musicianship work from a songwriting perspective. Whereas Dream Theater’s song seem to be a pitch patchy in some places for me, Time Requiem’s compositions flow more like birds softly taking flight only to come to rest on some branch or something. Dream Theater to me is like that bird’s deformed cousin that only has one wing and doesn’t beleive the other birds when they tell him that he can’t fly.

    This album is a great showcase of abilities, yes, there is no doubt about that however underlying the fact that these guys are fantastic musicians is the fact that they are also fantastic songwriters. Although I can’t give them credit for being truly original in their attempt and sound, I can give them kudos for their above mentioned credits. Manning the pilots seat to my [questionable] ears is Richard Andersson, Time Requiem’s keyboard extroardinaire who’s heavily prominent on this album, clearly has a lot of classical piano training which shows throughout especially during solo sections. The album is actually a bit too paino / keyboard heavy for me as I tend to opt for a more traditional guitar fronted sound. Vocalist James La… I mean… Goran Edman presents us with a great range, I would have like to have heard some more lower pitch sung parts however.

    The band is completed with Magnus Nilsson replacing Magnus Nord on guitars, Andy Rose on bass and Jorg Andrews on Drums. The rhythm section of the band is as talented as both Andersson and Edman and show it throughout the album. Although Magnus’ solos are a bit one sided in their phrasing, opting more for straight foward shreddedge then more thought out solo sections which I feel would benefit the album better. This irksome quality also applies to a number of the keyboard solos which could have been made more interesting as well. Being the fantastic musicians these guys are, I’m sure they could have done more interesting solos. The one case where this doesnt apply is in the solo section towards the third quarter of the title track, Optical Illusion, which is total genius and really anthemic in a way.

    Overall, as an album it is really thought out and its obvious that a lot of effort went into this. I would listen to this before any Dream Theater album. The album is a bit on the long side but thats alright and in this style it doesnt detract. A bunch of the songs all start off similarly with a piano intro or keyboard intro leading into the song which makes it a little repetitive. There are also a few spots with some melodies that sound really familiar. The intro to “The Ashen Soul” I could swear I heard on one of those really cheap classical CD sets that you can buy. I think its one of Bach’s Inventions or something. Whatever. Basically, it boils down to: If your a Dream Theater fan you are gonna love this. If your not a Dream Theater fan, you might find something here that is a bit more interesting than Dream Theater themselves. Of course, you can listen to this and immediately hate it as many undoubtably would.


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