Heavylution: Children Of Hate-2015.

Heavylution:Power Heavy Metal from France.


Metal Is Our BloodDemo2008 
The ArchitectEP2011 
Children of HateFull-length2015


Olivier DupontGuitars
See also: Deathawaits, ex-Furyens
Paul EyssetteGuitars (early), Vocals (2005-present)
See also: Hellrock
Laurent DescoursDrums (2006-present)
See also: ex-Nogard, ex-Furyens
Benjamin VidalGuitars (2012-2013), Bass (2019-present)
See also: ex-Furyens
Loïc ChalindarGuitars (2018-present)
See also: ex-Holy Cross

Past Members:

Thibault MaurinGuitars (?-2018)
Alexis SuredaBass (2005-?)
PikouzDrums (2005-2006)
Franck CessiecqGuitars (2005-2012)
Nicolas SavocaBass (2006-2019)
See also: ex-Furyens, ex-Deathawaits
GéraldGuitars (2018)

One thought on “Heavylution: Children Of Hate-2015.

  1. slayrrr666, June 3rd, 2015
    Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Brennus Music

    The debut full-length from French power metallers Heavylution, “Children of Hate,” does have some enjoyable and solid moments here but does demonstrate some flaws along the way that really keep this from where it could’ve been.

    Despite only being a debut, there’s still a lot to really like with this group. Most of it starts with the guitar-work, which is full of potential and really starts this one off nicely, being built around a sturdy framework comprising the muscular intensity of traditional metal with the fiery melodic rhythms of power metal. While never managing to move into the fluidity of the truer power metal acts, there’s still an ever-present amount of melodic tones here to really make this a complete power metal immersion by focusing as much as it does here on running the melodic lines alongside the sturdy rhythms for the lead-work on the track, making it highly effective at maintaining a listenable edge to the music within. The traditional metal aspect comes from the chugging nature of the majority of the tracks here which is the predominant factor for the riffing which tends to lower the potential tempos here down into mostly mid-tempo with a few dragging this out into dragging, plodding tempos barely able to move along. This potentially makes for quite an enjoyable effort with the fiery melodies alongside the toughened chug riff-work makes for a decidedly interesting to a more modern power metal approach here, and is certainly a solid framework to build on in the future. Coupled alongside here is a decidedly simple drum-approach to the music, in that the more urgent tracks feature double-bass blasts while the slower efforts only get hard-hitting plodding rhythms that manage to work quite nicely in here.

    While the bands’ approach here is quite nicely accomplished, there are a few problems in here. While it’s certainly more and more common-place to find the hard-hitting chug patterns emerge as the dominant factor in power metal riffing, that’s really no excuse for the mainly plain, simplistic patterns throughout here. It rarely manages to get any kind of energy or enthusiasm for the majority of the tracks here, mainly sticking solely to the main chugging rhythms throughout the song and really only getting to change that up during the incredibly exuberant solo sections where the dynamic energy comes through quite abundantly here which is nice but sticks out against the simple dominant chug present elsewhere around it. That these are generally kept in simple, one-note arrangements without much variation whatsoever also manages to sap the energy of a lot of these tracks by tending to showcase the technical virtuosity only around the one part of the song and keeping the rest of it simple, bland and overly plodding doesn’t tend to make for a large amount of enjoyable tracks throughout here. This is a pretty easy fix as well, and can be done by keeping the chug as the dominating factor by simply dragging some of the showiness featured in the soloing into the remaining rhythms by changing it up from time-to-time without really changing much which would also make the energy levels change around a little more as well to offset that even more. As well, one of the tracks here is a tad out-of-place in the running order by being too overtly goofy and corny that it feels more like a bad Edguy track that was too comical and jokey for them, which stands out among the more serious-minded tracks elsewhere on here.

    The first half is somewhat enjoyable enough with a few decent tracks. Instrumental intro ‘The Call’ features wailing guitar work and accompanied drumming slowly work into groovy mid-tempo pace with epic rhythms alongside the wailing leads for a spectacular and majestic intro bleeding into the title track, as the urgent riffing and pounding drumming lead into tight melodic rhythms and full-throttle chugging guitar patterns that keep the material more in the mid-tempo throughout the main sections into the soaring, dexterous solo section as fiery leads blaze alongside the mid-tempo march into the final half for a rather enjoyable proper first offering. The blazing ‘Obsession’ features tight, ferocious lead rhythms and fiery guitar work drop into the mid-tempo chugging patterns with plenty of tight drumming blasts carrying the same rhythms throughout the pounding, urgent riff-work with plenty of sparkling lead melodies and screaming guitar solos that continue into the finale for a much more dynamic, impressive offering. ‘Spirit Never Dies’ uses simple, majestic marching riff-work with plodding drumming taking the simple rhythm along through the dragging pace and offset with the occasional double-bass burst alongside the dragging chug-riffing throughout the main sections into the fiery solo sections and back through the final half for a decent if unspectacular offering. Far more enjoyable is the raging ‘Burn Out’ as urgent mid-tempo riff-work and thumping drumming lead into a simple series of charging chug-patterns that keep the dynamic lead rhythms blazing through the toughened riff-work leading into the stellar lead rhythms of the finale for an overall impressive effort. ‘Mind Avulsion’ utilizes simple lead melodies and charging mid-tempo riff-work alongside plodding, pounding drumming that continues the simplistic chugging rhythms along the mid-tempo pace throughout the atmospheric lead-work of the solo section that leads the mid-tempo chugging throughout the finale for another unremarkable track.

    The second half is a lot lower overall against the upper half but does have a few decent moments. ‘The Eye Will Control’ features plodding mid-tempo rhythms and pounding drumming blast through urgent mid-tempo chugging patterns flowing alongside blazing melodic leads with the urgent chugging carrying through the simple mid-tempo solo section which continues the urgent chugging rhythms through the final half for a more enjoyable effort. There’s a lot more to like in ‘The Exodus’ with blazing, urgent riffing building to a steady mid-tempo chugging with the urgent lead rhythms alongside the pounding drumming that takes the main rhythms over into the fiery, pounding mid-section with blazing melodies leading along the extended solo section that carries the charging, majestic rhythms into the finale for a rather enjoyable epic. The comedic, almost misplaced ‘Balls of Steel’ features tight, urgent chugging and pounding drumming move through frantic, up-tempo rhythms with blazing lead rhythms and steady riffing with more melodic work raging throughout the chugging patterns with plenty of hard-rocking rhythms alongside the tight raging finale for a seemingly enjoyable if somewhat goofy effort overall. The over-long ‘Future Is on Your Side’ starts with light, lilting acoustic guitar-work with soft patterns and romantic arrangements leading into the simplistic mid-tempo chug with the blazing melodic leads flowing along the plodding tempo working throughout the mid-section as the surging lead-work carries into the solo section on through the plodding final half for an overblown and pretty dull epic, obviously being the album’s weakest effort. Ending on a high after that offering, ‘Fight for Changes’ uses blazing, fiery lead-work and blasting drumming run through urgent mid-tempo chugging patterns with plenty of dexterous lead rhythms and pounding drum-work flowing throughout the urgent pace as the blasting drumming carries the frantic energy through the fiery solo section on into the finale for a great final impression with one of the better efforts on here.

    For a debut effort there’s some pretty good work on display here but there’s still a lot that needs to be worked out for this group to really make much of an impact here. It’s certainly possible as many of the challenges within here can be fixed without too much difficulty alongside the positive elements at work, leaving this one for now to solely be appealing for Euro-power metal aficionados or those that don’t mind a few problems among the good stuff on display.


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