Persefone: Metanoia-2022.

Persefone:Proggressive Death Metal from Andorra.


Truth Inside the ShadesFull-length2004
真剣 / Shin-kenFull-length2009
Spiritual MigrationFull-length2013
Prison SkinSingle2017 
In Lak’EchEP2018
Truth Inside the Shades 2020Full-length2020 


Toni Mestre Coy “Fragment of Silence”Bass (2001-present)
See also: ex-Acropophet, ex-Profanation
Carlos Lozano Quintanilla “Rüdiger”Guitars (lead) (2001-present), Vocals (lead) (2001-2004)
See also: ex-Rüdi Gannan, ex-Nami (live)
Miguel Espinosa “Iawr”Keyboards, Vocals (2002-present)
See also: ex-Rüdi Gannan
Marc Martins PiaVocals (lead) (2004-present)
See also: ex-Ice Blast
Sergi VerdeguerDrums (2015-present)
See also: Nami
Filipe BaldaiaGuitars (2016-present)
See also: Nami

Past Members:

Xavi Pérez “Lord Mortem”Drums (2001-2003)
See also: ex-Sandalinas
Jordi Gorgues Mateu “Alden”Guitars (2001-2016)
See also: ex-Arkham, ex-Hypnosys, ex-Infected, ex-the Axle
Aleix Dorca JosaDrums (2003-2006)
See also: ex-Among the Mist, Ira et Ignis
Marc Mas MartiDrums (2006-2014)
See also: ex-Gwärroteville, ex-Weeshirt

Line Up:

Band members
Toni Mestre Coy “Fragment of Silence”Bass
Carlos Lozano Quintanilla “Rüdiger”Guitars (lead)
Miguel Espinosa “Iawr”Keyboards, Vocals
Marc Martins PiaVocals (lead)
Sergi VerdeguerDrums
Filipe BaldaiaGuitars
Einar SolbergVocals
Merethe SoltvedtVocals
Steffen KummererGuitars
Angel VivaldiGuitars
Miscellaneous staff
David CastilloMixing
Tony LindgrenMastering
Jon OjibwayArtwork

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