Atrox Trauma: On The Line Of Nothing And Something-2022.

Atrox Trauma:Thrash Metal from Hungary.


On the Line of Nothing and SomethingFull-length2022


Török ImreVocals, Guitars (2008-2014, 2019-present)
Székely AndrásGuitars (2010-2014, 2019-present)
Gergely GyőriDrums (2013-2014, 2019-present)
See also: Stratégia
Tábori GyulaBass (2019-present)

Past Members:

Andruskó KristófDrums (2008-2013)
Bódog MátéBass (2010-2011)
See also: Nemezis
Bodrogi TamásBass (2011-2014)

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