Amoth: The Hour Of The Wolf-2022.

Amoth:Proggressive Heavy Metal from Finland.


Wounded FaithEP2008 
Crossing OverFull-length2011 
The Hour of the WolfFull-length2022


Anne LanttolaBass
Tomi IhanamäkiGuitars
Mikael RauhalaGuitars
Pekka MontinVocals, Keyboards (, 2018-present)
See also: EnsiferumJudas Avenger, ex-Mr. Crowley, ex-Evil-Lÿn, ex-Wishing Well (live)
Oskari ViljanenDrums (2012-present)

Past Members:

Toni PaananenDrums
See also: MalpracticeMastordMystic Opera, ex-Hevein, ex-Verona Septima, ex-Reversion, ex-To/Die/For, ex-Omnium Gatherum (live), ex-Rock, ex-Tuli & Leimaus
Tuomo LatvalaDrums
See also: Dystopian DomainNerlichTorture KillerValermadaHateform, ex-AN, ex-Deepred, ex-Demigod, ex-Torn, ex-Torsofuck, ex-Death du Jour, ex-Omnium Gatherum, ex-Hellbox (live), ex-Axegressor
Rolf PilveDrums, Piano
See also: Essence of SorrowMegiddonReversionSolution .45Status MinorStratovariusThe Dark ElementThe HypothesisSamuli Federley (live), Division of the Spoils, ex-Beyond the Dream, Harri Kauppinen, Sky of Forever, Smackbound, The Magnificent, True Cult Club, Vivaldi Metal Project, ex-Dreamtale, ex-Miseration, ex-Random Eyes, ex-Sightless, ex-Wintersun (live), ex-Code for Silence, ex-Duality, ex-Full Scale Conflict, ex-Nordjärvi, ex-Pulse, ex-Rock-It-Launcher, ex-Utopianisti
Tuomas NieminenVocals
See also: Adamantra, ex-TOC, ex-Bride Adorned
Tomi KurttiVocals
See also: HMS KeelhaulMysterizer, Duo Normipäivä
Tomi VirtanenGuitars (2010-?)
See also: BurnclearDivision 19

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