Omission: Worship What Your Fear-2021.

Omission:Thrash Metal from Spain.


Day of Your Death Arrives…Demo2005 
Thrash Metal RevengeCompilation2006 
Yells That DestroysDemo2007 
I Pounding Metal FestSplit video2008 
Satanicspeed Thrash MetalCompilation2008 
An Unholy Thrash Metal NightSplit2009 
Thrash Metal Is ViolenceFull-length2009
Merciless Jaws from HellFull-length2011 
Unholy Thrashing SavageSplit2011 
Pioneers of the StormFull-length2013
Black Darkness Obscurity / Born from the Darkest EntrailsSplit2014 
The Unholiest of ThemFull-length2015 
LWFDIHH​ / OmissionSplit2016 
Death Lives!Split2016 
Breathless ExistenceFull-length2018 
Worship What You FearFull-length2021 


PatillasVocals (lead), Guitars (2002-present)
See also: Intemperator, ex-Crienium, ex-Seth, ex-Muro
JuanBass (2014-present)
See also: FarlandMercurio, ex-Crienium, Iberian Steel, Rainbow in the Black, ex-Agresiva (live), ex-Morerock (live), ex-28 Sospechosos, ex-Desidia
Alex LaihoDrums (2018-present)

Past Members:

James SurtBass (?-2014)
See also: Undead, ex-Agresiva, ex-Gloom, ex-Wolfencross, ex-Khan (live)
Iván “Belial” ManzanoDrums
See also: ex-Ángeles Caídos, ex-Dom, ex-Poenarian Mist, ex-Crying Blood, ex-Muro, ex-Silver Fist, ex-Crienium, ex-Asfáltika, ex-Westfallenpark
See also: ex-Natural Death, Altar (Esp), Revolt (Esp)
Julio RicoBass (2005-2010)
See also: Muro, ex-Silver Fist, ex-Crienium
Eduardo OlmosDrums (2005-2007)
See also: Irthangaz, ex-Sabatan, ex-Insomnia, ex-Ravenhell, ex-Elderdawn, ex-Predicador, ex-Spiritual Shade
Marco MaroucoGuitars (lead) (2005-2012)
See also: Els Focs NegresExtreme UnctionPerpetratör, ex-Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (live), ex-Sabatan
Juanjo GilDrums (2007-2010)
See also: Farland, ex-Antigona
DaniBass (2010)
DavitiDrums (2010-2013)
See also: AgorothMoñigo, ex-Infected Plague, ex-Insidious War, ex-Sepulcration, ex-Dismorph, ex-Altair, ex-Infected Plague
JaviGuitars (2012-2014)
See also: ex-Tears of Martyr, ex-Dawn of Tears, ex-Wolfencross
GuillermoDrums (2015-2017)
See also: ex-Visions, ex-Slups

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