Judas Priest: Nostradamus-2008.

Judas Priest:Heavy Metal from United Kingdom.


Rocka RollaSingle1974 
Rocka RollaFull-length1974
The RipperSingle1976 
Sad Wings of DestinyFull-length1976
Dissident AggressorSingle1977
The Best of Judas PriestCompilation1977 
Sin After SinFull-length1977
Diamonds and Rust / Dissident AggressorSingle1977
Hell Bent for LeatherSingle1978 
Better by You, Better than MeSingle1978 
Stained ClassFull-length1978
Before the DawnSingle1978
Evening StarSingle1978 
Killing MachineFull-length1978
Take On the WorldSingle1978 
Diamonds and RustSingle1979 
Hell Bent for LeatherFull-length1979
Unleashed in the EastLive album1979
Rock ForeverSingle1979 
Living After MidnightSingle1980 
British SteelFull-length1980
Breaking the LawSingle1980
United / GrinderSingle1980
Heading Out to the HighwaySingle1981 
Hot Rockin’ / Troubleshooter – LiveSingle1981 
Hero, HeroCompilation1981 
Don’t GoSingle1981 
Point of EntryFull-length1981
Hot Rockin’Single1981 
Heavy Metal ExpressSplit1981 
(Take These) ChainsSingle1982 
World Tour ’82Compilation1982 
Screaming for VengeanceFull-length1982
You’ve Got Another Thing ComingSingle1982
Judas Priest LiveVideo1983
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Love BitesSingle1984 
The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)Single1984 
+ HeavySplit1984 
Screaming ’84Compilation1984 
Prime Cuts – Heavy MetalSplit video1984 
Defenders of the FaithFull-length1984
Some Heads Are Gonna RollSingle1984 
Parental GuidanceSingle1986 
Fuel for LifeVideo1986 
Turbo LoverSingle1986 
Locked InSingle1986 
Beyond MetalCompilation1987 
Priest… Live!Live album1987
Priest… Live!Video1987 
Ram It Down / Heavy MetalSingle1988
Delivering the GoodsCompilation1988 
Johnny B. GoodeSingle1988 
Ram It DownFull-length1988
British Steel / Killing MachineCompilation1989 
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Black Sabbath / Judas PriestSplit1990 
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Classic Albums: British SteelVideo2001 
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The Re-MastersBoxed set2001 
Machine ManSingle2001 
Live in LondonVideo2002
Deliverin’ the GoodsCompilation2003 
Live in LondonLive album2003
Electric EyeVideo2003
MetalogyBoxed set2004
2 Originals of Judas PriestBoxed set2005 
Heavy Metal BoxSplit video2005 
Angel of RetributionFull-length2005
Rising in the EastVideo2005
The Essential Judas PriestCompilation2006 
Limited Edition 3 CD Box SetBoxed set2006 
Judas Priest CollectionsCompilation2008 
Nostradamus EPSingle2008
Original Album ClassicsBoxed set2008 
Playlist: The Very Best of Judas PriestCompilation2008
A Touch of Evil: LiveLive album2009
The Music of Judas PriestCompilation2010 
Single CutsCompilation2011 
The Chosen FewCompilation2011 
Single Cuts – The Complete UK Singles CollectionBoxed set2011
The Complete Albums CollectionBoxed set2012 
Hell Bent for Leather / Defenders of the FaithBoxed set2012 
Stained Class / Ram It DownBoxed set2013 
Redeemer of SoulsSingle2014
Redeemer of SoulsFull-length2014
Original Album ClassicsBoxed set2014 
5 SoulsEP2014 
Grinder / SnakebiteEP2015 
Battle CryLive album2016
Firepower / Breaking the LawSingle2018 
50 Heavy Metal Years of MusicBoxed set2021 
Reflections: 50 Heavy Metal Years of MusicCompilation2021


Ian HillBass (1970-present)
See also: ex-Freight
Rob HalfordVocals (1973-1992, 2003-present)
See also: Halford, ex-Fight, ex-Hear ‘n Aid, ex-Black Sabbath (live), ex-2wo, ex-Abraxas, ex-Athens Wood, ex-Bullring Brummies, ex-Hiroshima, ex-Lord Lucifer, ex-Thark
Glenn TiptonGuitars (1974-present)
See also: ex-Glenn Tipton, ex-Merlin, ex-Shave ‘Em Dry, ex-The Flying Hat Band, ex-Tipton, Entwistle and Powell
Scott TravisDrums (1989-present)
See also: Thin LizzyRacer X, ex-Fight, ex-Hawk, ex-Animetal USA, ex-The Scream
Richie FaulknerGuitars (2011-present)
See also: ex-Deeds, ex-Christopher Lee, ex-Lauren Harris, ex-Voodoo Six

Past Members:

John EllisDrums (1970-1971)
See also: ex-Freight
K. K. DowningGuitars (1970-2011)
See also: KK’s Priest, ex-Freight, ex-MegaPriest, ex-Stagecoach
Al AtkinsVocals (1970-1973)
See also: Al AtkinsAtkins / May ProjectLyraka, ex-Holy Rage, ex-Blue Condition, ex-Freight, ex-Halfbreed, ex-Judas Priest, ex-Lion, ex-Sugar Stack, ex-The Bitta Sweet, ex-The Reaction
Alan “Skip” MooreDrums (1971-1972, 1975-1977)
See also: ex-R.P.M., ex-Sundance
Chris “Congo” CampbellDrums (1972-1973)
See also: ex-Machine, ex-Thunderbay Inn
John HinchDrums (1973-1975)
(R.I.P. 2021) See also: ex-Hiroshima, ex-The Bakerloo Blues Line, ex-The Generation, ex-The Pinch
Les BinksDrums (1977-1979)
See also: Les Binks’ Priesthood, ex-KK’s Priest, ex-Tytan, ex-Fancy, ex-MegaPriest, ex-The Shortlist
Dave HollandDrums (1979-1989)
(R.I.P. 2018) See also: ex-Al Atkins, ex-Finders Keepers, ex-Trapeze
Tim “Ripper” OwensVocals (1996-2003)
See also: Beyond FearCharred Walls of the DamnedKK’s PriestLeviathan ProjectThe Three TremorsTim Ripper Owens, ex-Brainicide, A New Revenge, Dio Disciples, TRED, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Killing Machine, ex-Spirits of Fire, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Carthagods (live), ex-Twist of Fate, ex-Winters Bane, ex-Arena, ex-British Steel, ex-Hail!, ex-MegaPriest, ex-Seattle, ex-Soulbender, ex-Trinity, ex-American Dog (live)

One thought on “Judas Priest: Nostradamus-2008.

  1. Sekrys, March 26th, 2018
    Written based on this version: 2008, 2CD, Columbia Records

    Every since they started out as a blues rock band, Judas Priest have always diversified and pushed their sound on almost every album they have released. Even criticized releases like Point Of Entry and Turbo are far different than their predecessors (British Steel and Defenders Of The Faith, respectively.) Even the Tim “The Ripper” Owens releases were in styles new for the band. However, Angel Of Retribution was somewhat stagnant on the level of experimentation. I’m sure to most people at the time, Judas Priest was going to be another nostalgia act in the vein of Saxon or AC/DC, forever making minute changes to their style but not really doing anything to it at the same time.

    However, the Metal Gods would not put up with this silly notion. To put it simply, Judas Priest was not going to be another lethargic mass of sludge. They released Nostradamus. No one was prepared.

    Storytelling and reminiscing aside, Nostradamus sticks out as Judas Priest’s most epic and lengthy studio album, being about an hour and forty minutes. Be forewarned; Lovers of fast and to-the-point speed metal will not be able to comprehend this album and its inner workings. At the same time, this album manages to also feel about half as long as it actually is. The first CD is mostly filled with diverse assortment of tracks, with most being around mid-paced. As noted by other reviewers, the songs do slow down into more steady and slow paced tracks in the second CD; However, don’t let this fool you into thinking the songs are any worse.

    Most of the songs on the album are preceded by a interlude or sort of a beginning piece of music. However, they are done exceptionally well; This album would not be the same without nice intros like “The Four Horsemen” or “Sands of Time”, which bring grandiosity and grandness to their coinciding songs. The actual songs on the album are extremely varied. There are slower, more emotional tunes like “Exiled” or “Alone”, and there also a few speedy thrashers (“Persecution” and “Nostradamus”.) However, most of the tracks are mid-paced often laden with keyboards. For example, “Pestilence And Plague”, “Revelations”, and “Future Of Mankind” fit this criteria. They also manage to be the best picks of the album. All of the songs on this album manage to be epic and rather grand.

    Rob Halford kind of tries something a bit different on Nostradamus. The only ravenous screams on this album are found on the two previously mentioned fast songs. Instead of being aggressive and raspy, he instead opts for a more operatic tone of voice on this record. He manages to do this with flying colors, only sounding a little strained on the ending segment of “Revelations”. Somewhat like Demolition, the guitars on this album play a much more rhythmic role; Mr. Halford is the main centerpiece more so than on any other Priest record. However, unlike Demolition, this album has some truly god level solos. The one on “Revelations” has to be on of the best I’ve heard by any band, period. Scott Travis and Ian Hill are a bit behind in the mix, unfortunately. It doesn’t make a huge difference to the overall quality of the album, but they should have been a bit louder. The production of this album is rather nice and acoustic; It is very much enjoyable.

    The only full length song I have an issue with is “War”. It does feel kind of like an extended interlude in contrast with the whole rest of the other full-length songs. It shows off the orchestra well, but it definitely is the worst track on the album (It still is pretty great, don’t get me wrong.) The most surprising one is “Death”. It’s laden with an epic doom style, and it features a very awesome vocal performance and doomy riffs to boot. I especially like the “Death rides out from the storm…” bit. It is one of the best moments of the record.

    Often, innovation and experimentation tend to lead to two very different outcomes. Some bands fail completely, so they backtrack to their previous album to never again do anything different. Others succeed and chisel out a place for themselves to reside in the great halls of heavy metal. Judas Priest further entrenched their greatness and ingenuity with Nostradamus. Though many disagree with me, I know, I think many of those who do would also like to see them attempt to do something different once again, for the remainder of their existence among in the realm of us mere mortals.


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