Eternal Flight:SurVive-2021.

Eternal Flight:Heavy Power Metal from France.


Eternal FlightDemo2002 
Positive RageFull-length2004
Under the Sign of WillFull-length2007
Diminished Reality, Elegies and MysteriesFull-length2011


Gérard FoisVocals, Keyboards (2001-present)
See also: ex-Dream Child
Thibaud DucrotGuitars (2015-present)
See also: DarkRise, Legaside
Thibaud PonthetDrums (2016-present)
See also: Venus Syndrome
Cédric NguyenBass (2017-present)

Past Members:

Arnaud NeriBass (?-2017)
See also: ex-Angel Smile
Arnaud GorbatyDrums
See also: Alkemyst, ex-Further Dimension, ex-Endless
Chris StollenGuitars
Jérôme FischerGuitars
Nicolas JeanpierreBass (2001-2009)
See also: ex-Inner Visions
Christophe OffrediGuitars (2001-2009, 2012-?)
Alexandre StelliniDrums (2003-2009)
Sébastien VibertKeyboards (2003-2009)
See also: ex-Legendsea
Guillaume BègueKeyboards (2009)
Julien BouvierGuitars (2010-2012)
See also: Cover My Sigh, ex-Just Us, The Dark Remains
Adrien ZoniBass (2011-?)
See also: ex-Sceau de l’Ange
Julien RacineDrums (2011-?)
See also: ex-Broken Mirrors, ex-Inner Visions, ex-Backdawn

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