Winterage: The Inheritance Of Beauty-2021.

Winterage: Symphonic Power Metal from Italy.


Forest of ConsciousnessSingle2012 
The Harmonic PassageFull-length2015
The Legend of the White TannenbaumSingle2015 
The Inheritance of BeautyFull-length2021


Gabriele BoschiViolin (2008-present)
Daniele BarbarossaVocals (2012-present)
Luca GhiglioneDrums (2015-present)
See also: ex-Concordea (live)
Matteo SerlengaBass (2018-present)
Gianmarco BambiniGuitars (2020-present)
See also: AltairRising Dark

Past Members:

Riccardo GisottiGuitars (2008-2020)
Dario GisottiKeyboards, Whistle (2008-2020)
Davide BartoliDrums (2009-2015)
Matteo RaganiniBass (2010-2015)
Fausto CiapicaBass, Vocals (backing) (2015-2018)
See also: Perseo Miranda (live)

One thought on “Winterage: The Inheritance Of Beauty-2021.

  1. Larry6990, January 21st, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Scarlet Records (Digipak)

    Sometimes the external factors of a band are enough to draw me into their world. With a name like Winterage, a title like The Inheritance Of Beauty, and artwork as vividly splendid as this, I couldn’t help but give it my full attention for at least one spin. One spin thankfully became many as the Italians provided enough interest on the surface to make returning to this album a rewarding activity. It’s one of those records whose layers are peeled back with every repeated listen, revealing so much musical intrigue, quirks and talent underneath. At face value, this is by-the-books Italian symphonic power metal along the lines of Rhapsody Of Fire, Thy Majestie or Fairyland – and certainly any fan of those bands will garner immense satisfaction from Inheritance… – but Winterage definitely have characteristics which are wholly their own. They’re buried for the majority of the runtime, but occasionally they slip through and show potential for these European power metallers to really shine.

    Firstly, there’s the idea of having an ‘Overture’ as an intro track. Containing themes and motifs from all the songs you’re about to hear, this is an inspired idea that I wish more artists would try. Angra did a similar thing back in 2018 with “Infinite Nothing”, but “Ouverture” is at the start of the record, making me want to revisit just to see if I recognize the themes. Once the opening title-track bursts out from the speakers in all its glory, you can afford a nice wide grin and the comfort of knowing you’re in safe hands. Musically, Winterage have the general sound of the sub-genre nailed. Glorious, up-tempo gallops backed up by rapid-fire double-kick, lightning fast picking on the guitars – both rhythm and lead – orchestral keyboard accentuations, operatic and choral vocals… Check check check! The production quality leaves a little to be desired (and I mean little), but that is something that will only improve with subsequent releases. Fortunately everything is clear and, considering the ambition of some of the creative choices on this album, it’s a wonder it sounds as good as it does.

    What struck me immediately was Luca Ghiglione’s finesse behind the kit. The drum performance on Inheritance… is stellar, and it was a wise decision to use three high-speed power metal hymns to kick off proceedings and display his skills. “The Wisdom Of Us” and “Of Heroes & Wonders” are an impactful duo with copious fret athletics and some memorable vocal lines – despite some dodgy pitching from the lead vocals in the latter. The next aspect worth noting is the variety of timbres from the symphonics. Rather than simply layering string section after string section on top of each other like some lavish baroque trifle, Winterage let some solo instruments jut out and shine, such as the bass trombone and flutes in the middle section of the title-track. Speaking of variety, that’s another triumph for this LP. The Inheritance Of Beauty is certainly no one-trick pony. Aside from the typical Euro-power blazers, there’s the anthemic nautical jig of “The Mutineers”; the haunting melancholy of “La Morte Di Venere”; the surprising groove of “Oblivion Day” (which is probably the one track which remains unmemorable after many listens)… and then there’s “The Amazing Toymaker”…

    It might be tradition for bands of this ilk to end albums with a 10+ minute epic (usually a title-track), but these Italians went one step beyond with their take on that tried-and-tested trait. “The Amazing Toymaker” is 16 minutes-worth of incredible storytelling through a whole kaleidescope of musical textures. I don’t mean to appear naive here, but I’ve really not heard anything quite like it. The narration is delightfully cheesy, and the power metal sections are grandiose as expected, but there are some nightmarish twists involving sounds I never thought I’d hear in a metal album. I won’t spoil anything, but I can promise there won’t be another track like this one in 2021. Whether it be the lacklustre “Oblivion Day” or the majestic refrain of “Orpheus & Eurydice”, I can guarantee any fan of this style won’t be bored by what Winterage have to offer. The Inheritance Of Beauty is a great symphonic power metal album in its own right, whilst simultaneousy pushing this quintet one step further in their evolution. I’m happy that this was my first album of 2021.

    (Originally written for The Metal Observer)


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