Winterage: The Inheritance Of Beauty-2021.

Winterage: Symphonic Power Metal from Italy. Discography: WinterageEP2011 Forest of ConsciousnessSingle2012 The Harmonic PassageFull-length2015The Legend of the White TannenbaumSingle2015 The Inheritance of BeautyFull-length2021 Members: Gabriele BoschiViolin (2008-present)Daniele BarbarossaVocals (2012-present)Luca GhiglioneDrums (2015-present)See also: ex-Concordea (live)Matteo… Read more "Winterage: The Inheritance Of Beauty-2021."

Avaland: Theater Of Sorcery-2021.

Avaland:Symphonic Power Metal from France. Discography: Theater of SorceryFull-length2021 Members: Camille SouffronBassSee also: EyezeryLeo MouchonayDrumsSee also: Ormagoden, Sangdragon, ex-Nightmare (live)Lucas MartinezGuitarsAdrien G. GzaggVocalsSee also: Eyezery, ex-Amon SethisJeff KanjiVocals (2021-present)See also: Seasons of Silence 1.Theater… Read more "Avaland: Theater Of Sorcery-2021."

Numenor: Draconian Age-2021.

Numenor:Symphonic Power Metal from Serbia. Discography: Dynasty of the Realm BeyondSplit2009Opus DraconisEP2011 The Forgotten LegendsEP2011The AlchemistSingle2012 Ravens and BloodSplit2012 Dreaming TowersSingle2012 Hour of the DragonSingle2013 Servants of SorceryEP2013Colossal DarknessFull-length2013Sword and SorceryFull-length2015Chronicles from… Read more "Numenor: Draconian Age-2021."

Qantice: The Anastoria-2019.

Qantice: Symphonic Power Metal from France. Discography: Contours of QuanticeDemo2004 BloomingDemo2008 The CosmocinesyFull-length2009The PhantonautsFull-length2014 The AnastoriaFull-length2019 Members: Tony BeaufilsGuitars (2002-present)See also: Belyscendre, Naheulband, ex-Krozal, ex-Mindrage, ex-Now-Lëdge, ex-TornaoDAurélien JouclaDrums (2008-present)See also: ex-Gorgon (live)Christine LanusseBass (2013-present)See… Read more "Qantice: The Anastoria-2019."