Mental Devastation: The Delusional Mystery Of The Self (Part-1)-2021.

Mental Devastation:Thrash Metal from Chile.


Brain WashDemo2011 
Promo 2013Single2013 
Red SkiesFull-length2013 
Demo IIDemo2018 
The AbyssSingle2021 
The Delusional Mystery of the Self Part IFull-length2021


Felipe EspinozaGuitars
See also: Blood FictionCritical DefianceThe AggressorUnholyness, ex-Trascendencia
Matías MoralesGuitars
Alejandro LagosVocals, Bass
See also: CalvarioNecroripper, ex-The Aggressor
Nicolas PasteneDrums (2019-present)
See also: Critical DefiancePetacaThe AggressorUnholyness, ex-Armoured Knight, ex-Asedio

Past Members:

Eduardo MedinaDrums (?-2019)
See also: Necroripper, ex-Corrosion, Los Duros, ex-The Aggressor, ex-Agonía Brutal
Nicolas VerdejoGuitars
Patricio VergaraGuitars
See also: MalignerRemiso
Eduardo MadariagaGuitars (2011-?)
See also: ex-Metastasis, ex-Motosierra

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