Mental Devastation: The Delusional Mystery Of The Self (Part-1)-2021.

Mental Devastation:Thrash Metal from Chile. Discography: Brain WashDemo2011 Promo 2013Single2013 Red SkiesFull-length2013 Demo IIDemo2018 The AbyssSingle2021 LabyrinthsSingle2021 The Delusional Mystery of the Self Part IFull-length2021 Members: Felipe EspinozaGuitarsSee also: Blood Fiction, Critical Defiance, The Aggressor, Unholyness, ex-TrascendenciaMatías… Read more "Mental Devastation: The Delusional Mystery Of The Self (Part-1)-2021."

Primalfrost: Lost Elegies-2021.

Primalfrost:Melodic Death Metal from Canada. Discography: Chapters of TimeEP2012Prosperous VisionsFull-length2014MaelstromSingle2021 NomadSingle2021 StormbearerSingle2021 Lost ElegiesFull-length2021  Members: Dean ArnoldAll instruments, Vocals, Programming (2012-present)See also: Operus, Belphegor (live), ex-Will of the Ancients, ex-Eclipse Prophecy (live), ex-Lesion, ex-Vital Remains… Read more "Primalfrost: Lost Elegies-2021."