Imperialist: Zenith-2021.

Imperialist:Black Metal from United States. Discography: Quantum AnnexationEP2015CipherFull-length2018ZenithFull-length2021 Members: Joshua AlvarezBassSee also: ex-Dei Anathema, ex-Knight EternalRod QuinonesDrumsBryant QuinonesGuitarsSergio SotoVocals, Guitars 1.0101100002:11 2.The Maw05:28 3.Parallax Descends06:17 4.He Who Mastered Shapes08:29 5.Majesty of… Read more "Imperialist: Zenith-2021."

Ravenous E.H.: Hubris-2021.

Ravenous:Power Metal from Canada. Discography: Eternal HungerEP2017Eat the FallenFull-length2019 HubrisFull-length2021  Members: ValaxBass (2016-present)See also: Black Pestilence, ex-Lithica, The MyconidJake WrightGuitars (2016-present)See also: ViathynR. A. VoltaireVocals (2016-present)See also: ex-Sixguns over Tombstone, ex-Villainizer, ex-Death Toll… Read more "Ravenous E.H.: Hubris-2021."