Panopticon: …And Again Into The Light-2021.

Panopticon:Atmospheric Black Folk Metal from United States.


La passione de Sacco & VanzettiSingle2008
Panopticon / Lake of BloodSplit2009
It’s Later than You ThinkSplit2009
…on the Subject of MortalityFull-length2010
Panopticon / When Bitter Spring SleepsSplit2010
Skagos / PanopticonSplit2010
Wheels Within Wheels / Panopticon IISplit2011
Social DisservicesFull-length2011
Vestiges / PanopticonSplit2013
Roads to the NorthFull-length2014
Autumn EternalFull-length2015
Panopticon / WaldgeflüsterSplit2016
Revisions of the PastCompilation2016
Sheep in Wolves ClothingSingle2017
The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness I and IIFull-length2018
The Crescendo of DuskEP2019
.​.​.​Scars II (The Basics)Full-length2019
Nechochwen / PanopticonSplit2020
Panopticon / Aerial RuinSplit2020 
Beast RiderEP2020
Live MigrationLive album2020
.​.​.​and Again into the LightFull-length2021


A. LunnEverything (2007-present)
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One thought on “Panopticon: …And Again Into The Light-2021.

  1. SmallPoxie, October 18th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Bindrune Recordings

    Austin Lunn comes back with a brand new full length album with his band, Panopticon. His last full length release was “Scars of Man”, which was released on 2018 and it was a really ambitious album. Some people thought it was a masterpiece, Some people thought it was Austin’s weakest album, others thought it was “meh”, you can say it was Panopticon’s “Marmite” album. But now, the bread will be tastier than ever with this new album.

    The first song is a pretty nice folk tune, which shows that Austin still has the abilities to write soft and soothing country ballads. Then we go to the metal tracks that have a lot of different flavours apart from the mix between black metal and folk metal. “Dead Loons” has a touch of doom metal in it, specially on the intro of the song, which is absolutely beautiful. The song “A snowless winter” features some elements of sludge metal in form of really abrasive and distorted guitar sounds. “Moth eaten soul” is another example of experimentation by going for a more black/death style, yet never losing the beautiful atmosphere.

    “The Embers at Dawn” is probably the most beautiful song on the record. The soothing acousting riff and the amazing vocals by Erik Moggridge make the first part of the song a high point already, which is followed by extremely agressive and melancholic black metal. Creating a perfect juxtaposition between intensity and beautiness without losing the incredible atmosphere. The last track is “Know Hope”, which is a pretty optimistic song about rising up and all that stuff. I like the mix between black metal and hardcore punk on this song, it brings a lot of flavour to the album and also gives the perfect ending to the record.

    Now, most of the instruments on this album are perfectly produced. But, the drum sound here is pretty different from the other released. The drums sound pretty raw and Lo-Fi but, they don’t ruin the sound of the album at all. The vocal delivery is also top notch, alternating between shrieks, screams, growls and cleans, everything it’s just perfect. This release is a clear contender for Album of the Year!


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