Hitten: Triumph & Tragedy-2021.

Hitten:Heavy Metal from Spain.

Discography :

Darkness Queen PromoDemo2011 
Shake the WorldEP2012 
Evil PowerSingle2013 
First Strike with the DevilFull-length2014
Don’t Be LateSingle2015 
State of ShockFull-length2016
Twist of FateFull-length2018
Triumph & TragedyFull-length2021 


Mr. CBass
See also: ex-Iron Curtain
Johnny LorcaGuitars
See also: Doble Esfera, ex-Raging Fire
Alex PanzaVocals (2017-present)
See also: Cobra SpellJack Starr’s Burning StarrMalakhor (live), ex-Endovein, ex-Walpurgis Night
Willy MedinaDrums (2021-present)
See also: Doble Esfera

Past Members :

Dani ArgilésGuitars
See also: Argi
RhynoDrums (2011-2017)
Aitor NavarroVocals (2013-2017)
See also: ex-Lazer, ex-Storm
Manuel Soler “Nolo”Vocals (2013)
See also: ex-Adamantia, ex-Ipsilon
JuancarDrums (2017-2020)

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