Hypocrisy: Worship-2021.

Hypocrisy:Death Metal from Sweden.


Rest in PainDemo1992
Promo EP ISplit1992 
Pleasure of MolestationEP1993
Osculum ObscenumFull-length1993
Inferior DevotiesEP1994
The Fourth DimensionFull-length1994
Carved UpSingle1995
Roswell 47 / Future Breed MachineSplit1996
Pleasure of Molestation / Maximum AbductionCompilation1996 
Maximum AbductionEP1996
The Final ChapterFull-length1997
Hypocrisy Destroys WackenLive album1999
Into the AbyssFull-length2000
Live & ClipsVideo2001
Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000Split2001
Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000Split video2001 
10 Years of Chaos and ConfusionCompilation2001
Catch 22Full-length2002
Hypocrisy / Kataklysm / Disbelief ‎Split2003 
The ArrivalFull-length2004
Shovel Headed Killing Machine / VirusSplit2005 
The Neckbreakers BallSplit2006 
The Final Chapter / HypocrisyCompilation2007 
Catch 22 V2.0.08Full-length2008 
Don’t Judge MeSingle2008
A Taste of Extreme DivinityFull-length2009
Valley of the Damned / Hordes of WarSplit2009
Hell over Sofia – 20 Years of Chaos and ConfusionLive album2011
Beast of HypocrisyCompilation2012 
End of DisclosureSingle2013 
End of DisclosureFull-length2013
Party.San Metal Open Air – Hell Is Here-SamplerSplit2013 
Penetralia / Osculum ObscenumBoxed set2013 
Too Drunk to FuckEP2013 
Children of the GraySingle2021 


Peter TägtgrenGuitars, Keyboards (1991-present), Vocals (1993-present)
See also: Pain, ex-The Abyss, ex-Bloodbath, ex-Lock Up, ex-Malevolent Creation (live), ex-Marduk (live), ex-War, ex-Conquest, ex-Lindemann, ex-Roadhouse Diet, ex-Seditious
Mikael HedlundBass (1992-present)
See also: ex-The Abyss, ex-Repugnance, ex-War
HorghDrums (2004-present)
See also: ex-Heavy DutyImmortal, ex-Grimfist, ex-Pain (live), ex-Lost at Last

Past Members:

Lars SzökeDrums (1992-2004)
See also: ex-Epitaph, ex-The Abyss, ex-War
Jonas ÖsterbergGuitars (1992)
See also: ex-Epitaph
Masse BrobergVocals (1992-1993)
See also: ex-Dominion Caligula, ex-God Among Insects, ex-Obscurity, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Witchery, ex-Demonoid, ex-Votary
Andreas HolmaGuitars (2004-2006)
See also: The Road, ex-Scar Symmetry, ex-Pain (live), ex-Soilwork (live), ex-Road to Jerusalem

One thought on “Hypocrisy: Worship-2021.

  1. spookymicha666, November 26th, 2021
    Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Nuclear Blast

    Swedish melo-deathers (though I don’t like the term for the band) are back after eight long years without releasing any new stuff. I have to say that I was pretty surprised when I read the announcement of releasing a new album and pretty curious what there would come towards us. After a quite okay 2013 album (The End Of Disclosure) and two quite average albums before that (A Taste Of Extreme Divinity and Virus) I have to confess that I didn’t expect too much.
    So here we go now with Worship.

    First of all, I have to say that I like the cover very much. An Aztec pyramid where a crowd and an alien are gathered to await the coming of (probably) aliens which travel in the typical Hypocrisy crosses is a really cool idea. To focus on the music, the album starts with a calm guitar intro which develops into a typical Hypocrisy track with a very rhythmic part, catchy melodies and I would say that ‘Worship’ could have found its way on a Hypocrisy album back in the early 00s. ‘Chemical Whore’ is a gloomy and also very melodic track that lives from its slow, creeping and threatening atmosphere. Peters voice underlines this dark atmosphere and for me it is one of the highlights of the album. ‘We’re The walking Dead’ comes up with another typical Hypocrisy melody arc and the riffing from 1:00 on (don’t laugh) reminds me a little bit of Dire Straits. It is a very epic track with great keyboard arrangements that raises a slight oppressive atmosphere. Another track that keeps you in mind is ‘Children Of The Gray’ which sounds very similar to a lot of the songs Hypocrisy once wrote for their 1996 album Abducted. Riffing, vocals and the melodies I’m quite used to and because Abducted is (besides Penetralia) my all-time favorite by Hypocrisy this is awesome to my ears. I originally thought that it would be a continuation of Roswell 47 but Peter told me that this a regular track without any connection to other songs. ‘Another Day’ is a very fast and brutal track which however stays quite melodic though and which has a very catchy middle part. I guess it is one of the fastest tracks the band has written in about 20 years or so. I don’t want to tell you about each track because you should explore the tracks on your own. What I can state is that Worship has no really weak tracks and shouldn’t be a disappointment to all of you who are into older Hypocrisy stuff.

    The production is very strong and balanced, like the last productions that Peter did for the band, too so that here are no surprises at all. Lyrically you can think about Peters conspiracy theories what you want, maybe it is entertaining you or not; I guess you all know about his topics.

    Finally I would say that the trio did a very good job with the album (though we don’t find any new ideas here, but like Peter said to me, he didn’t need to reinvent the Hypocrisy wheel) and I am pretty happy with that. Beam me up, Scotty (or whoever is flying the Cross UFO ehmmm UAP).

    Rating: 9.5 out of 10 aliens

    Originally written for metalbite.com


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