Scarfold: We Shall Suffer-2021.

Scarfold:Hardcore Metal from Canada.

Scarfold is a D.I.Y band from MTL made up of 4 members fed up with artificial mainstream and hypocrisy which are a way of life in today’s society. They want nothing more but to unleash this frustration through an agressive, direct, and groovy Hardcore style ready to deliver mad truth in its purest form! This band exists since 2015 and will orchestrate chaos in the pit while passing the mic!

One thought on “Scarfold: We Shall Suffer-2021.

  1. Montreal agitators Scarfold will once again give adrenaline-junkies their fix. On September 30th, 2021, their 4th release, ‘We Shall Suffer’, drops via 10–54 Records.
    This eight-track hardcore assault is bursting with groove-driven goodness. You won’t find much melody here with the exception of a melancholic piano outro to the closing track, “Spit on Hope,” but the four-piece ensemble more than makes up for it with energetic riffs and aggressive vocals.
    Nothing fancy. All urgency.
    Right off the bat, I think the “THX Sound System” intro to the anthemic opening track, “Open Seizure”, is a very nice touch. It then leads into vocalist Fab Franco repeating the lyric, “Always at war with reality!”, in his raspy, all-or-nothing yell while bassist Xavier Morin, guitarist J-S Roy, and drummer Martin Gendreau raise a massive wall of sound — big time kudos to engineer Vincent Cote and mixer/master Antoine Lussier.
    From there the band doesn’t let up. The album’s overall offensive is gratifyingly relentless. What gives me a boner in particular about this release is its empowering rebellious vibe. ‘We Shall Suffer’ is the perfect soundtrack for two activities: excercising, and railing against tyrannical megalomaniacs. Lyrically speaking, Scarfold calls for action against corrupt entities within religion, politics, and society.
    “Eat the Dead” — a track bashing animal cruelty — is a personal favorite even though I’m not vegan. To me, it has a distinct “oomph” factor comparatively; I sense an uptick in raw emotion and intimacy in the band’s performance. Guest vocals on this song are contributed splendidly by Victoria Mladenovski (Peer Pressure). Other featured vocalists that kill it on the album include Thiago Monstrinho (Fucking Violence), and Laurent Py (Nothing From No One).
    Gang vocals provided by members of the band, Mladenovski, Phil Lachance, Franck Dumas, and Rex Luger run a train on the eardrums throughout the record. They’re very well placed and put even more of a charge into the songs.
    Check out the official music video for “Born Decayed” to sample the Canadian bomb cyclone that is Scarfold’s ‘We Shall Suffer’.
    It’s cool, I’ll wait…
    Next time you’re in the gym, let this LP give you a boost instead of juice. Then, after you’ve gotten your pump on, blast this sucker on a boombox while marching the streets in protest — let the system know you mean fuckin’ business!


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