Illt: Urhat-2021.

Roy Westad

Illt:Blackened Death Metal from Norway.


Roy Westad (Born May 1982) is a Norwegian award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, known for his work on “Villmark 2” (together with composer Trond Bjerknes) and “Hunting Flies”. In 2014, he received Gullruten (Norwegian Emmy) for Best Original Score for a TV series. Look out for his upcoming score for the epic adventure “Benjamin Falck & the Ghost Dagger”, hitting cinemas late 2016.

ILLT is the alter ego of Norwegian composer and guitarist Roy Westad. It’s an uncompromising sandbox and a culmination of decades of passion and love for extreme metal as an artform. His debut album «Urhat» features session musicians from Megadeth, Soilwork, Chrome Division and Nile. The album was mixed by Kurt Ballou @ Godcity and mastered by Grammy winning engineer Alan Douches.

«Urhat» credits:
Vocals: Speed Strid
Guitars & Bass: ILLT
Drums: Dirk Verbeuren
Lead Guitars: Karl Sanders, Mr.Damage

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