The Absence: Coffinized-2021.

The Absence:Melodic Death Metal from United States.


The AbsenceEP2004 
From Your GraveFull-length2005
Riders of the PlagueFull-length2007
Enemy UnboundFull-length2010
Septic TestamentSingle2016 
A Gift for the ObsessedFull-length2018 
Walking ShadowsSingle2019 
Jamie Stewart
Vocals (2002-present)
See also: DiseveredHot GravesParty Time
Jeramie Kling
Drums (2003-2007, 2010-present)
See also: Dritt SkitEx DeoEye of PurgatoryGoregängInfernaeonInhuman ConditionNecromancing the StoneNinety Minute ReflexRibspreaderVenom Inc.Scab (live), Fore, Kill Division, Smoke & Mirrors, ex-Massacre, ex-Skineater, ex-Wombbath, ex-Gus G. (live)
Taylor Nordberg
Guitars (2013-present)
See also: Dritt SkitEye of PurgatoryGoregängInfernaeonInhuman ConditionRibspreaderScab, Fore, Smoke & Mirrors, ex-Massacre, ex-Wombbath, ex-Gus G. (live), ex-Necromancing the Stone (live), ex-Soilwork (live)

Past Members:

Nick CalaciBass (2002-2007)
Justin GrantDrums (2002-2003)
See also: ex-Cumshotte
Christopher TolanGuitars (2002-2003)
Patrick PintavalleGuitars (2002-2015)
See also: Porcelain
Peter JosephGuitars (2003-2013)
See also: ex-Bone Saw, ex-Demogoth, ex-Panic, ex-Hate
Mike LeonBass (2007-2021)
See also: SoulflyCavalera Conspiracy (live), Sorcerer (USA), Max & Iggor Cavalera (live), ex-Havok, ex-Arsis (live)
Justin ReynoldsDrums (2008-2010)
See also: The Aris, ex-Byam Klavor, ex-Lunyptra, ex-Ex Animis Mortuum, ex-Stray Bullet
Per NilssonGuitars (2013-2016)
See also: HagenNocturnal RitesScar SymmetryZierler, ex-Adversary, ex-Legia, ex-Thrawn, Catacomb (Swe), Kaipa, ex-The Storyteller, ex-Meshuggah (live), ex-Altered Aeon, ex-World Below
Joey ConcepcionGuitars (2016-?)
See also: Joey Concepcion, ex-Armageddon, ex-Daughter Chaos, ex-Michael Vescera, ex-Sanctuary, ex-Symphony of Malice, ex-Arch Enemy (live), ex-Oath of Insanity, ex-Dead by Wednesday

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