Eradicator: Influence Denied-2021.

Eradicator:Thrash Metal from Germany.


Back to the RootsDemo2007 
The Atomic BlastFull-length2009
Madness Is My NameFull-length2012
Thrashed Vol. IVSplit2014 
Into OblivionFull-length2018 
Influence DeniedFull-length2021
Sebastian Zoppe
Bass (2004-2007), Vocals, Bass (2007-present)
Jan-Peter Stöber
Drums (2004-present)
Sebastian Stöber
Guitars, Vocals (lead) (2004-present)
See also: ex-Dead Sun Halo
Robert Wied
Guitars (2010-present)

Past Members:

Matthias TeuberUnknown
See also: ex-Purity
Tobias GreweVocals (2005-2006)
Manuel MüllerGuitars (rhythm) (2006-2008)
Lars SchlabachVocals (2006-2007)
See also: Infantry of Doom, ex-Nondivine, ex-Corpsegrinder, ex-Infernal
Jan WiedemannGuitars (2009-2010)
See also: ex-Bereaved, Burn Off, Luke’s Cross, ex-Fragmental, ex-Stillbirth, ex-Melodies of Storm
1.Driven by Illusion05:35  Show lyrics
2.Hate Preach04:34  Show lyrics
3.Echo Chamber04:30  Show lyrics
4.Influence Denied05:10  Show lyrics
5.5-0-104:12  Show lyrics
6.Jackals to Chains04:31  Show lyrics
7.Mondays for Murder04:55  Show lyrics
8.Hypocrite04:27  Show lyrics
9.Descent into Darkness04:32  Show lyrics
10.Anthropocene04:38  Show lyrics

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