Symbolik: Emergence-2020.

Symbolik:Technical Melodic Death Metal from United States.


Diverging Mortal FleshSingle2015 
Daniel Juarez
Bass (2010-present)
Brandon “Billy the kid” Clevenstine
Drums, Samples (2010-present)
Allen Burton
Guitars (lead) (2010-present)
See also: Inanimate Existence (live), ex-Alterbeast, ex-The Odious Construct (live)
Chris Blackburn
Vocals (2010-present)
Damon Koenig
Guitars (2020-present)
See also: Serpentspire, ex-Aethere (live)

Past Members:

John SangalangGuitars (rhythm) (2010-2020)
1.Augury of Ancients03:25  Show lyrics
2.Invoking Oblivion04:02  Show lyrics
3.A Tyranny in Decay05:09  Show lyrics
4.Corridors of the Consumed05:43  Show lyrics
5.Dirge of All Creation04:29  Show lyrics
6.Coalescing the Void03:59  Show lyrics
7.In Servitude of Silence02:56  Show lyrics
8.Souls of Deception03:21  Show lyrics
9.Perceptions of Reality02:23  Show lyrics
10.When Eternity Collapsed03:53  Show lyrics

One thought on “Symbolik: Emergence-2020.

  1. andreipianoman, April 10th, 2020

    The degree of variety and talent that can be found in the technical death metal realm never ceases to amaze me. Whether we’re discussing known, long standing acts in the vein of Beyond Creation or Inferi, or the wave of fresh newcomers on The Artisan Era’s roster since the beginning of 2020, it feels like almost every new band has a distinctive, unique and impressive sound to deliver. Fitting in the latter category are the not so fresh newcomers Symbolik that have actually been around since 2008 and released their first E.P. in 2011. On April 10th 2020, their debut record “Emergence” sees the light of day, a full-length effort that has been slowly cooking over the past decade until reaching its final form, an exciting, invigorating and impressive display of superb musicianship.

    Entering the opening track “Augury of Ancients” without my guard up, I was instantly thrown out of my seat by the ferocity with which they swing into action. Second one and those extreme shreds just ripped my face off. While I generally prefer a band that eases its way into an album, every now and then some one comes and does justice to the “no messing around” approach. And the whole album is driven by this attitude. 40 minutes go by without a second of rest and you’re left somehow trying to reassemble yourself and not being exactly sure what on Earth you just heard, but the serotonin levels are high.

    Symbolik is the ideal contender to fit groove, melody and atmosphere into a barrage of relentless technicality and balance it out. Building on a foundation blast-beat, double kick transitioning supremacy, the band creates an immersive, well defined and structured wall of sound that streams from riffs, through melodies and solos without a shred of instability. The harmonization of riff and melody feels like a constant spiraling up and down movement between arpeggios, tremolo picking and chugging, all flowing seamlessly from one musical theme to the next with the bass and orchestrations ensuring a smooth, low end vibration that comes as a constant background for the dynamic action. The guitar solos flow in and out at blistering speeds and consist of boundary-breaking offerings of shredding and sweeping in unison with the drum transitioning. And there’s plenty of lead guitar work in every song to satisfy and over-saturate the needs of any tech-maniac that can be found. The vocal performance is definitely shocking. I don’t know how someone can churn out words with such a high frequency in such a filthy tone on an ongoing basis without a break. It’s the endurance that really makes an impression on me and the occasional layering of contrasting high screams and low guttural growls boosts the testosterone amount beyond any boundaries of known human decency.

    But “Emergence” isn’t aimed only to satisfy the avid death metal enthusiasts. The themes and orchestrations in this album are a treat for the senses that might well invite outsiders into the world of tech-showmanship by blending it with beautiful melody and emotive somber and menacing atmosphere aimed to deliver a story. Unlike most of what is labeled “symphonic” in today’s metal worlds, Symbolik doesn’t make it a purpose to just add layer upon layer of orchestrations and samples but really puts the focus on neo-classically tinged compositions with a high level of expressivity. The songwriting also leans towards a progressive dimension that sees them changing the pace of the melodic onslaught or slicing through the riffs quite often but always in an elegant fashion, without disrupting the fluidity in sound or pointlessly putting a strain on the listener with over-zealous math-manifestations, though I’m known to be quite a fan of that.

    As expected, bands signed to The Artisan Era always deliver the highest quality in forward-thinking, out of the box approaches in all forms of death metal and surrounding musical directions. Symbolik is no difference. Even from a long standing, well-established act it would be impressive but as a debut record it is worthy of the highest praise. As a draw-back I would definitely have to mention a certain monotony that tends to make going through the entire album seem like a bit of a chore since all songs rely strongly on the same compositional building blocks and maintain a similar tempo. But I can always alleviate my need of mixing serotonin with adrenaline in a couple of tracks. In the end, “Emergence” is very likely to remain one of the most solid death metal releases of 2020.

    Originally written for The Metal Observer.

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