Knife: Knife-2021.

Knife:Black Speed Metal from Germany.


Black Leather HoundsSingle2020 
Locked inEP2020 
The Hallowed Chamber of StormsSingle2021 
Inside the Electric ChurchSingle2021 
Ferli Thielmann
Drums (2019-present)
See also: DemonbreedMilking the GoatmachineMiseoSkinned AliveCarnal Ghoul (live), ex-Bloodsky, ex-Reincarnated, ex-Sarx
Guitars (2019-present)
Vince Nihil
Vocals (2019-present)
Gypsy Danger
Bass (2020-present)

Past Members:

RookBass (2019-2020)
Side A
1.Behold the Horse of War03:18  Show lyrics
2.Inside the Electric Church04:05  Show lyrics
3.White Witch Black Death02:15  Show lyrics
4.Black Leather Hounds02:50  Show lyrics
5.K.N.I.F.E.02:54  Show lyrics
6.I Am the Priest03:22  Show lyrics
Side B
7.Furnace03:33  Show lyrics
8.Sword Loser03:08  Show lyrics
9.Demon Wind04:10  Show lyrics
10.The Hallowed Chamber of Storms02:57  Show lyrics
11.198900:42  instrumental
12.Possessed03:24  Show lyrics

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