Oceanhoarse: Dead Reckoning-2021.

Oceanhoarse: Heavy Groove Metal from Finland.


The OceanhoarseSingle2018 
Fading NeonsSingle2018 
The IntruderSingle2018 
Death Row CenterSingle2019 
Feed the SirensSingle2019 
Voluntary BendsEP2019 
The Damage (Live)Single2020 
The Damage Is Done – Live!Live album2020 
One with the GunSingle2021 
Reaching SkywardsSingle2021 
The DamageEP2021 
From Hell to OblivionEP2021 
Dead ReckoningFull-length2021 
Jyri Helko
Bass (2016-present)
See also: Warmen, Alcyona Sky, ex-Skyward (live), ex-For the Imperium
Ben Varon
Guitars (2016-present)
See also: Panorama, ex-Amoral, Alcyona Sky, Grease Helmet, ex-Tornado, ex-Sweet Little Sister
Oskari Niemi
Drums (2017-present)
See also: Beatwave, Salaiva
Joonas Kosonen
Vocals (2018-present)
See also: Saints for Mass Production, ex-Nailed Coil

Past Members:

Tommy TuovinenVocals (2017-2018)
See also: MyGrain, ex-Damnation Plan, ex-Profane Omen (live), ex-Amoral (live), ex-Less than Three, ex-New Science Band
3.Betrayed by Light04:23 
4.One with the Gun03:10 
5.Reaching Skywards04:06 
6.Fields of Severed Dreams04:43 
8.The Intruder04:10 
9.Fight for Tomorrow04:30 
10.From Hell to Oblivion04:11 
12.Dead Reckoning00:54 
13.The Damage04:50 

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