Fractal Gates: The Light That Shines-2018.

Fractal Gates:Proggressive Melodic Death Metal from France.


Altered State of ConsciousnessFull-length2009
Beyond the SelfFull-length2013
Live in ParisLive album2015 
The Light That ShinesFull-length2018
Antoine Verdier
Bass (2007-present)
See also: ex-Serenius
Stéphane Peudupin
Guitars (2007-present)
See also: Ningizzia, ex-Inborn Suffering, ex-Lethian Dreams
Arnaud Hoarau
Guitars (2007-present)
Sebastien Pierre
Vocals, Keyboards (2007-present)
See also: Cold InsightEnshine, ex-Inborn Suffering, ex-Fogzard (live), Sebdoom, ex-Lethian Dreams
Jeremy Briquet
Drums (2012-present)

Past Members:

Hugo TervaDrums (2007-2009)
See also: DawnwalkerGravesend, Death Valley Knights, Metasoma, ex-Hellbastard, ex-Sanity Burns, ex-Wrath
Vivien DumontDrums (2009)
Miloš MatovićDrums (2009-2010)
1.Visions X00:49  instrumental
2.Breath of Life03:28  Show lyrics
3.Chasing the Line03:30  Show lyrics
4.Infinity03:12  Show lyrics
5.Bound by Time04:14  Show lyrics
6.Dreams Apart04:42  Show lyrics
7.Visions XI01:19  instrumental
8.Faceless04:59  Show lyrics
9.Arise02:58  Show lyrics
10.Reborn04:59  Show lyrics
11.The Light That Shines03:07  Show lyrics
12.Seas of Flames05:44  Show lyrics
13.Visions XII01:19  instrumental

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